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ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE Undertale Delta Rune t Frisk

ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE Undertale Delta Rune t Frisk


Undertale Au, Frisk, Best Games, How To Memorize Things, Don't

Pin by Ruandy Loera on UnderTale/DeltaRune | Undertale comic, Rpg horror games, Cabbage patch

Deltarune Rejects the Naïveté of Undertale

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UNDERTALE by MasterCheefs on DeviantArt

Sans x Frisk Comic - 35 - UnderSwap Sans x Frisk - Wattpad

Sans' Mistake ...

[Undertale AU] Alternate Reality/Swapshift - frisk. (MY TAKE)

Qui metterò tutti i personaggi di Undertale e Alternative Universe ch… #fanfiction # Fanfiction

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Deltarune! Find this Pin and more on undertale Alternate universe ...

Thought I'd drop off a pic of the Toothpaste Wizard and Frisk II before

Alternate Reality [Undertale AU] - "Tenacity" NITRO Remix

[NOT CANON] SALVAGE your Friends

Sans' and Frisk Underfell, Underswap, Undertale

DELTARUNE Fanart (Gundam NT pose.) by Felipe-Eloi

[Animation] - Turn The Lights Off Alternate Universes - Undertale

How is DELTARUNE connected? | Is Kris an AU Frisk? | Sans' Secret Drawing!? #GameTheory

Undertale creator Toby Fox caused some excitement on the game's Twitter account yesterday when he suggested that he may be announcing a new project today, ...

Parallel Universe · Deltarune | Undyne and Kris Undertale Game, Frisk, Games Images, Indie Games,

How Delta Rune IS Related To Undertale's Timeline

Undertale - Frisk and Chara

Alternative Universe Sans! (Undertale AU's) Part 5 (Re-upload) - YouTube

sans x frisk | Tumblr

THE SHOCKING ENDING TO DELTA RUNE!! Undertale Will Never Be The Same.

[ACT]«Frisk»[ACT] ...

'Undertale' Creator Releases New Mystery Game 'Deltarune'

Undertale | The two sides of Determination - Pacifist vs Genocide Undertale Memes, Undertale Fanart

[Undertale AU - Destined Reality OST] A Determined Expression! + Stickscuffle (My AU)

Parallel Universe · Frisk, Chara, Art Reference, Game Art, Nova, Pasta, Gaming,

Deltarune THEORY kris Explained

[NOT CANON] frisk.


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Why can't real people be this adorable?

Deltarune: Chara and Frisk undertale

Toriel isn't particularly happy with Frisk! (Undertale Comic Dub Compilation)

Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection – Youtube Hub

frisk | Tumblr


DELTARUNE LOGIC (Undertale Cartoon Animation)

The Unsettling “Pacifist” World of Deltarune

LANCER from deltarune (Undertale 2) by rainbert ...

TOO MANY FRISKS! Minecraft FRISKTALE! UNDERTALE AU (Minecraft Undertale Roleplay)

The Prophecy

Alternate Reality - Frisk! (Updated)

image image

Not sure if someone's already posted this... In Undertale, we save in empty save file, and in Deltarune we save over Kris's. Any theories?

Deltarune: Secrets and details you might have missed

This Lab has SO many connections to Deltarune.

[Undertale AU - Alternate Reality] Midnight Tragedy

Hol up, doesn't Undertale's opening depict Chara, and not Frisk? If so, Chara's story takes place in 201x, making Deltarune (taking place in 202x) take ...

Ralsei And Asriel by SonicAimblu19 ...

"Wake up and listen to Leene's Bell or I'll MAKE you wake up and listen."

Create Your Kris - DELTARUNE in Unitale/Create Your Frisk - TRUE Release!

Deltarune - Theories and the Possible Future of this Game

Delta Rune / Deltarune (Pacifist Run, No Commentary) 1 - Your Choices Don't Matter

(VERY) cute, sweet and actually knows stuff so you don't have to spend five hours figuring everything out (some people like that, ...

In ...

If I can't enter "ASS," what's the point?

UNDERTALE 「誰も倒さなくていいやさしい」2015年 http://www.fangamer.jp/products/undertale-mercy … DELTARUNE 「Chapter 1」2018年 ...

i got owned ...

"Heya. you've been busy, huh? 😏" - Sans (

... hopelessromantic721 Deltarune: Keep Yourself Pure by hopelessromantic721

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The design isn't unique and is actually quite lazy. A child with a striped shirt? I've seen that shit before.

why frisk why??? (comic not mine and I don't now who's it is) | Undertale Amino

When ...

... Page 3 this is an alternate universe so the advance of Deltarune Will not happen in

Final Art ...

Apropos of nothing, I want a welcome mat that just says "CAT."

Frisk - alternative universe Undertale

And I was thinking a bit about that comment theory...maybe you guy's have some explanation for me and help me a bit in that kind of theory.

photo_library Greetings I'm charas.chocolate! Soo today first post is about neons!

Undertale Fanart, Undertale Comic, Sans X Frisk, Short Comics, Watercolor Ideas,

It's actually directly ripped from Grillby's sign in Undertale, with Grillby's scratched out and Sans lazily added at the end. ...

deltarune screen 1.jpg

"All" AUs List | Wiki | Undertale Amino

Undertale - chara and frisk Unisex T-Shirt

Undertale Delta - Frisk (The Crimson Thief) by PrinceFluffybuns ...

Premise- QuantumTale is an AU based around the idea of a glitched reset sending Frisk back to an earlier timeline but with a glitch making Sans able to ...

The cutest floofy boi in all of the universe. If you went through the game and didn't hug him then you are sentenced to jail for eternity.

Here's my UNDERTALE AU!! BlurrTale!

Deltarune: How to find the broken keys and fight the secret boss

Undertale one-shots

Is this a sans reference in Smash Ultimate?

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I started playing Undertale on summer last year. I had so much fun, I did my mistakes and I made wonderful and strange friends. What I didn't expect is that ...

The truth is, the events of Delta Rune (game) could have happened only a few years before Undertale. The characters could have been sent to a different ...

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... Eyyy calm down frisky. . . . 🎨:?

I'm sure Kris' sickly blue pallor isn't a sign of anything.

Undertale - chara and frisk Long Sleeve T-Shirt

And I AM aware that Frisk's head isn't aligned with his body (I blame Kitten's arm for being in the way). Eh, anatomy has always been stupid).

Kris is an even cooler version of Frisk. Better outfit, older (Frisk is a damn child. Children shouldn't be taking on such dangerous adventures), ...

A redraw of one of my favorite Deltarune scenes