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Can someone tell me what headcanon is Like I know on some level

Can someone tell me what headcanon is Like I know on some level


Can someone tell me what headcanon is? Like, I know on some level but I want more details and I'm too lazy to look it up

Batfam Headcanons - (I don't know how true these are comic-verse wise, but they are great ).

Professor Potter Headcanon, part 1

im reading a post on buzzfeed about why people broke up and im laughing so hard because i found jack zimmermann

Since he's not here, I'd like to add my own headcanon. Lotor's sneeze is surprisingly high pitched considering how deep his voice is.

How are these drarry headcanons so funny? It almost makes me start shipping them

Jason Todd is that you?

nick fury + headcanons (independent of white faves) part 1/2 // nick fury marvel mcu avengers natasha romanoff clint barton hawkeye laura barton maria hill ...

I posted a headcanon about Percy being bi on my instagram (@demigodgooglesearches) and now I'm getting a bunch of nasty homophobes flip shit on me!!

The one where Sam Wilson finally wins one:

i dont normally ask people to back me up but idk what to do

... allen#the flash#artemis crock#garfield logan#beast boy#young justice#facebook parody#yj#i headcanon that jaime was terrified from barry at first

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

nick fury, natasha romanoff, peggy carter, marvel, mcu, avengers | Marvel | Pinterest | Marvel, Avengers and Marvel dc

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

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1. This thought about Teddy Lupin.

Cuddling with McCree headcanon

A headcanon:

Harry as a teacher headcanon 1/2

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

My best friend and I are STILL sending each other headcanons but this time-PLOT TWIST- it's the Young Justice crew instead of batfam!

My best friend and I are STILL sending each other headcanons but this time-PLOT TWIST- it's the Young Justice crew instead of batfam!

You saved me from a fire with Batman/Superman/Flash/Any superhero Writing

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

It's 10 pages you can read under. tumblr link: http://yuushishio.tumblr.com/post/180019838317 …pic.twitter.com/1elc9FA5Kl

Which is cool and all, but I have a feeling that it's sort of like DnD or Pathfinder, so they need a DM. Who could it be? Penny.

The one where Tony tries to make friends:

Hetalia Headcanons Sad | Hetalia Headcanons THE HEADCANNONS ARE SO SAD STAPH

#repost my more than low level Halloween special • • • headcanon: me Song

TW : mental illness

I think Yahiko would take after Toshiie in some ways. He def gonna build up some good upper body strength with all that restaurant work!

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

My Hero Academia Headcanons and One-shots

Star Trek Tumblr headcanon

Patrick Weekes strikes again.

Khajiit Headcanon Stuff by The13thBlackCat ...

#repost my more than low level Halloween special • • • headcanon: me Song

A while back, JSLAL from Wars and Politics of ASOIAF got a really interesting question on Tumblr, asking him to come up with a character who could fill in ...

The one where Clint fucks up:

Cuphead Boss Headcanon Voices

You might be a child of the 1990s if you've had this experience: One day, flicking through your Netflix queue, you spot a movie you loved so much as a kid ...

The one where Darcy has demi-god fangirls:

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... episode “Hera's Heroes” on cap-that.com, for reference)–headcanon that Hera took a few of her mother's things when she left Ryloth to remember her by.

COLDSCAPES: Design Ideas for Winter Cities (Urban Infill 6): David Jurca, Brad Valtman: 9781467592154: Amazon.com: Books

Why is autofill a thing? Why put players on roles they're not comfortable with?

(Scanner didn't pick up the colors of this one correctly; I may re-upload a better version later.)

[ IMG]

13. This cute idea that we really hope happened at Ron and Hermione's wedding.

This realization at just how good a teacher Lupin was.

Eve Reiland | BadassActivist

The one where everyone love Disney. EVERYONE:

I think this could be canon if they would be in relationship. • Headcanon:

2. This sweet moment between Harry and McGonagall.

However, I missed the date because I was actually celebrating Star Wars day with my siblings. We watched the entire Original Trilogy that afternoon, ...

Till I get back into the swing of things, enjoy more Star Wars headcanons!

If you're more worried about your popularity or your comfort with your friends than you are about the harm of sexual assault, catcalling, emotional abuse, ...

Sean McMillan followed

There's no way this DIDN'T happen. This is canon. ◾◾◾

According to Pottermore, Umbitch did not really like live cats

As season 6 draws to a close, the Speedy Arrowcast team puts their differences aside for one last mission. We discuss the questionable persistence of some ...

A Japanese classic makes its belated English debut

This cute scene, to give you some happy tears.

HTML5 Video Slideshow ?

8. This very sad Christmas for little Remus Lupin.

Things *I'd* want to happen while I was at Hogwarts™

And that can be a problem. Some of the things we assumed we understood didn't quite work like we expected, and some new mechanics just ...

Thanking you,Mehak MehtaCUN120550046; 4.

They have a lot of history · ‹‹

l'm working at LUSH the soap store eat a bath bomb I already have

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You can orbit them and scan them, but unless Suvi immediately tells you that there's an anomaly, there's nothing else to do.

Click to expand... You can probably see a few ...

EDIT: Here's a link to the image of dialogues suggesting this scandal to be true (spoilers for a few character's max-heart dialogue): Link

Just to remind you people, this is a teenage girl that they're sending death threats to, all because she didn't draw FICTIONAL CARTOON CHARACTERS the " ...

#repost my more than low level Halloween special • • • headcanon: me Song

Because Rowling Wills It So — Harry Potter and the Canonical Paradox | Tor.com

They don't really want to make the move that their King suggests. Things seem…pretty good. It's been nearly four hundred years of peace; ...



... 2013's Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Doom! A fun and dramatic word—either noun or verb—and it gets

Favorite headcanon in Modern AU - pentoshi takeout!

380; 14. XIV Contents Level ...

5; 6.


Harry Potter Tumblr

But I don't want dead space on this site, so until I get my brain cells back, enjoy more Rebels headcanons!

Color Venn diagram reading 'Coherence of Fictional Universe' atop. Upper left reads '

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