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Celebrate who you are Your Joyologist What I said t

Celebrate who you are Your Joyologist What I said t


Celebrate who you are. | Your Joyologist

Clear Out - magnet

Roll With It. – www.yourjoyologist.com. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

Can you love yourself where you are?

You are whole. You are complete. You are everything you dream of. - Your Joyologist

Forgive all your past selves. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

We all have the right to our own opinions.

You love to throw us curveballs. Just when I was feeling good about the big changes to come (baby number two) and in the flow and trusting it all. Bam.

Come Home to You. - Your Joyologist

Life is too short to not live it your way. www.yourjoyologist.com

It's Your Life. Are you running it

Your Joyologist

Maybe we Forget, To Remember

Your Joyologist-ISMs |. Repeat after me.

Trust. | Your Joyologist I Am Nothing, Be A Better Person, I Said


You don't have to do it all. I SaidDeep ThoughtsSelfPositivity. - Your Joyologist

Keep Going. | Your Joyologist You Gave Up, Thought Of The Day, Keep

Is that really what you want?

Create better thoughts.

It really doesn't. - Your Joyologist

What if we stopped celebrating BEING BUSY as a MEASUREMENT of IMPORTANCE? What if instead

Your Joyologist-ISMs Archives - Your Joyologist

Your voice matters. You MatterYour VoiceTold ...

Love Yourself from the Inside, Out. -www.yourjoyologist.com

What brings YOU joy. It's important to take note of that. It's important to have more of that in your life. You don't have to like what everyone else you ...

It doesn't have to be stressful. You make it stressful. You can create any situation with ease, comfort and freedom. It all starts and ends in your mind.

Life Works Out - Art Print - Your Joyologist™

Are you over your own bullshit yet? - www.yourjoyologist.com

Be Open To It. - Your Joyologist

It's okay to feel. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

You May as Well Do What YOU Want.

We all express love differently. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

Your Joyologist-ISMs |. What You Say Matters. -www.yourjoyologist.com

Your mind is so powerful. -yourjoyologist.com

It doesn't mean to forget. It doesn't mean you have to let them back in. It doesn't mean things go back to being the same as they were before.

Live your life, your way. - www.yourjoyologist.com

Make Yourself the Priority. - www.yourjoyologist.com

One of my favorite things to remind myself and others is that they don't stress you out, it doesn't stress you out—-YOU STRESS YOU OUT!

Affirmation Deck

You don't need stuff, a crazy bank account or them to make you happy.

Own Your Awesome® Affirmation Deck

Get out of your head and into your heart. www.yourjoyologist.com

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Keep the Spirit Alive Year Round. - Your Joyologist

You are Your Religion. - Your Joyologist

student of life. teacher of living

Your Joyologist

Now and then it's good to pause. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

You are Allowed to live your life, your way. - www.yourjoyologist.

Your Joyologist

Your Joyologist

A self love affirmation. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

High fives, hugs, and smiles are free! Your Joyologist-ISMs |

You May As Well Live Your Life, Your Way -www.yourjoyologist.com

Trust the bigger plan - www.yourjoyologist.com

If You Aren't Having Fun... - Your Joyologist

2 Focus on what you want more of.

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No one ever said trusting your gut was easy.

Your Joyologist

2 We must let go.

Do what brings YOU joy. - www.yourjoyologist.com

Follow your heart, for all of us. - www.yourjoyologist.com

Own Your Awesome® - 8x10 Art Print

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11 When you learn to master your mind.

1 You can make time for what you want.

Quit stressing about what you can't control. Quit worrying about what is out of your hands. Quit creating and feeding into drama and gossip.

How I get shit done, when I have less time than ever.

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Own Your Awesome® - Stemless Wine Glass

The novel is the most amazing blend of two of my favorite things. On one hand it is a “girly” novel, based on a woman living in NYC, decked out in designer ...

It really will. Life is always going to pop up and screw with us. You can't change that. But you can change your attitude about how you deal with it.

Your Joyologist

Let That Sh*t Go Journal

There's a great deck you can purchase from Your Joyologist OR download Tricia's brand new app: Own Your Awesome – Inspiration App on iTunes or Google Play.

Own Your Uniqueness. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

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It is YOUR life. - Your Joyologist

Are your habits serving you?

Goals, Resolutions, Intentions...Why Are You Setting Them


Your Joyologist-ISMs |. You are fucking awesome, remember that. - www.yourjoyologist.com


So Lucky We Are. - www.yourjoyologist.com

The world needs you to be you.

It's Your Life To Create. Your Joyologist-ISMs |

You are Allowed.

Your Joyologist

Here's to fewer distractions, slower living, and more awareness of the moments that make us think—THIS is what it's all about.

I am Enough *special edition" Ornament

You actually may not get a tomorrow. It happens everyday. Peoples lives are over too soon. So please cherish the fact that you are alive today.

<3 The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. - Oprah


Your Joyologist

Who made the rules anyways. - www.yourjoyologist.com

What Does Monday Mean To You? Your Joyologist-ISMs |