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Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration

Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration


Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration or graphics contest design#illustration#graphics#onaroll

Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration or graphics contest

Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration or graphics contest design#illustration#graphics#onaroll

Tribal african wild dog by #kaceym

Dogs have been appearing in artw Cave painting of man and dog

“Head of a Bull” Lascaux, France. Section measures 58” x 48”.

IMG_1512 IMG_1511 IMG_1510 IMG_1509 IMG_1508

Create a cave drawing of a wild dog for Wild Dog Cafe Illustration or graphics contest



wild dog

There are more than 2,000 animals painted on the walls and ceilings of Lascaux cave. The most frequently painted animals are horses.

You can have your dog's portrait painted in the clothes of your choice!

Did You Know: In the year 1940, four boys in France – who were playing in a field with their dog – found something very special. After their dog fell down a ...

Omar Dean from the X factor 2013 wearing his Onarollofficial necklace #chooseyourrhythm with style where he performed live blowing our minds…

Jen Bartel Illustration Tiger Illustration, African Wild Dog, Endangered Species, Wild Dogs,

Photo of Lascaux caves

Black patches linked to mold are threatening the Lascaux cave paintings in France; they can be seen above the horns of this cow on a cavern wall.

African Wild Dog - an endangered species! African Wild Dog, Wild Dogs, Endangered

carolina dog

Distinctive: The dingo is a unique species and not a common mutt, scientists said

The cave art of Covalanas, in Northern Spain, is unique. This is because all of the paintings in this cave appear to have been painted by the same artist.

Clever: Ancient artists at France's Chauvet Cave superimposed drawings of two bison to create an

Cave painting of a dun horse (equine) at Lascaux

A must-stop for me at every zoo are the African Wild Dogs.

Chauvet cave panel

African Wild dogs are also called painted dogs African Wild Dog, Wild Dogs, Reptiles

Shocking Real Stories Of Feral Children Told With Dark Photos | Bored Panda

Family of Wild African Dogs | by Taraji Blue on Flickr (cc)* African

WILD. Like a Buck.

Carmel cave (photo credit: Shmuel Bar-Am)

John Cerasulo's painting of a dog in a sweater.

Elephant And Dog Sit Under The Rain-Mike_Kiev-Stretched Canvas Print

Elephant And Dog Sit Under The Rain Photographic Print by Mike_Kiev | Art.com

Best Places To See San Rock Art In South Africa

The secret reason why Paleolithic men and women decorated caves with elaborate paintings may have finally

Floyd Collins with bones


dog on woman's shoulder

A Banksy trompe-l'oeil painting on a security fence in the West Bank.

History of painting

Tell the 5 million year story of the mammoth in 5 minutes.

Loyalty, longing, and even grief are, the evidence suggests, mere mimic emotions projected into two far simpler ones that dogs actually possess: adherence ...

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Could we soon be living in a world of kid-free cafés? This week

What a dog owner, with the full authority of fourteen months of dog, suggests might be missing from these accounts is something simple: people love pets.

lascaux cave art paintings france


Making Paint for a Cave Painting With Kids : Craft Projects With Paint

Coyote, wild dogs, coyote art, dog art, canids, contour drawing, pen and ink, black and white art, animal illustration, wild animals

This Artist Spent 10 Years Carving A Giant Cave – Alone With His Dog | Bored Panda


This coyote took a liking to a blue stuffed dog toy and had a playful romp in the snow with it. (All photos: Pamela Underhill Karaz)


Yet, for all the seemingly unbridgeable distance between us and them, dogs have found a shortcut into our minds. They live, as Horowitz and Bradshaw and ...

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Detail photograph of a panel in Saudi Arabia's Shuwaymis west showing a complex stratigraphic sequence with

The famous shaft scene of Lascaux: a man with a bird head and a bison.

Lascaux 4

Paintings and drawings ...


character building, children's literature, Ginger Small, hamster, illustration, whimsy

Rohan Eason

Elephant And Dog Sit Under The Rain-Mike_Kiev-Framed Photographic Print


From the Saudi Arabian Shuwaymis site, Panel 144, hunting scene with lion and two

Elephants, zebras, and rhinos would all look pretty different if they were interpreted the

Talking to an Artist Whose Paintings Are Mass-Produced for Hotel Rooms - Atlas Obscura

Runner-up design by phong

Coolidge's paintings are often simply called “Dogs Playing Poker,” which one New York Times writer compared to calling a Van Gogh portrait “Man with a ...

The engravings (pictured), some of which date back to 8000BC, include images

Illustration by Henning Wagenbreth

Given the pathological fear wolves have of humans, it is quite likely that the incidence and appearance of dogs at the time of our settlements may well have ...

Chauvet Cave ladder sketch

The Whistling Cat

Red bars painted near the entrance of Niaux Cave

Red hand stencil from the Chauvet Cave

And the coffee. You simply wouldn't believe the coffee…

10 paintings that changed the world - In pictures

Runner-up design by Antagged

Dog depiction in the rock art of Saudi Arabia's Shuwaymis site shows a dog with chest

Illustrative: A scan of a German, 19th century steel engraving of Jesus Christ (

Prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne

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