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ECB paper examines banks responses to unconventional policy

ECB paper examines banks responses to unconventional policy


Public sector purchase programme, ECB.

Results from the econometric model for Croatia Dependent Variable: CROATIA_BONDS Method: ARMA Generalized .

Central Banks Balance Sheets 2007-17, Total Assets. (https://

G2SLS instrumental variable regressions for alternative country groups.


Euro area wide responses to an unconventional monetary policy shock

Monetary Policy Rates of the ECB. Note: The dark blue dotted line represent the

Fed's Quantitative Easing

The correlation coefficients between bank responses to structural shocks a year after the shock

Central Bank Interest Rates Source of Data: EEAG Report on the European Economy, 2015

The Effects of the ECB's Unconventional Monetary Policy on the Non-Euro Area EU Member States

ECB interest rates and money market rates (2007-17)

Policy rate normalisation: will this time be different?

Autocorrelogram of the residual component t 

Monetary policy interest rate & inflation: Fed Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St.

Results from the econometric model for Bulgaria Dependent Variable: BULGARIA_BONDS Method: ARMA Generalized .


ECB's QE (€ trillions).

Cumulative effect of ECB's monetary policy decisions .

Distribution by sector of ECB Corporate Sector Purchase Programme Purchases as at Q1 2018. Total

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Responses to MPS that lead to a 25 bp easing in 10yr treasury rate .

debt crises and banking crises. Source: the authors Recent financial developments confirm the manifestation

I summarize the green unconventional monetary policies

Structure of the GVAR

Total Assets Fed and ECB, Trillion National Currencies, 2003-2013

Direct and spillover effects of UMP shocks

available on Eurostat. Both are expressed in year over year percentage change.

The Spillover Effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies in Major Developed Countries on Developing Countries | Quantitative Easing | Central Banks

General Government Gross Debt (In percent of GDP)

How effective have the ECB's unconventional measures been in dealing with the market tensions during the global financial crisis? There is some indication ...

Title: The Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank

Policy Contribution

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Financial Market Comments to ECB Monetary Policy Decisions .

The European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main

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US equity prices affect consumer and business confidence, researcher finds

Ten-year government bond spreads versus Germany (2007-17)

French governor warns of the perils of 'impatience'

CIGI Papers No. 193 — October 2018

ECB accountability for monetary policymaking and banking supervision

HICP inflation and core inflation (2007-17)

The profitability of the Bundesbank in light of the ECB's unconventional monetary policy / 04 / 2016 / Article / Research Center

Policy rates for the ECB and the US Federal Reserve, October 2008-October 2018

Causes of liquidity traps are 'crucial' to policy response – BdF paper

Unconventional policy is best response to financial shocks – ECB paper

Inspecting the Mechanism of Quantitative Easing in the Euro Area | Banque de France

Very accommodative global monetary policy persists, inflation outlook improves

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Factor Loadings for the Three Factors Retained in the Principal Factors Method

Pass-through beyond money markets

Through a detailed descriptive and econometric analysis the results of this paper suggest that the impact on global liquidity, monetary conditions, and bank ...

Generalized impulse response function for HH and NFC interest spreads

Change in Percentage Point Contribution of Employment to Household Income after QE, by Quantile

Sample description and representativeness

Fed's Lending Facilities Initiated between September 2008 and November 2009

Response of total capital inflows and FDI inflows

The European Central Bank

GDP and inflation Figure 2: Monetary policy variables

Central Bank Money Reserve Holdings in the USA, Trillion US Dollar, 2000-2013

economic agents through five different markets: sovereign bonds at 6-month, 5-

The essential feature is that the central bank can affect credit supply by financial intermediaries by

Unemployment Rates in the Eurozone 2000-2014 (Source: Eurostat)

Policy rates in ECB, Bank of England and the Fed (%). Source

Summary of empirical studies: distributional effects of unconventional monetary policy .

Big data in central banks: 2018 survey results


Impulse responses to a stock price shock: baseline and no policy response

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Quantitative easing programmes implemented by Fed .

The ECB's asset purchases and euro area financial and liquidity conditions .

ECB balance sheet

G2SLS, instrumental variable regression results for all banks in the euro area Member States

Summary Statistics of Disposable Household Income by Period

3 2007m9 2008m9 2009m9 2010m9 2011m9 2012m9 2013m9 2014m9 Note: Thick lines plot the Euro

supply side of loans, and offset itself its positive effects on lending volumes.


The responses of macroeconomic variables of typical EME and AE to US unconventional monetary policies.

ADEMU WORKING PAPER SERIES Calibrating central banks' mandate Central banking objectives, tasks, and measures within unitary a

Comparison of average private sector interest spreads and loan and deposit rate

Money market spreads at various maturities in the euro area

The ECB s unconventional monetary policy and cross-country spillovers 19 equation (5.2)

Response of IBEX 35 to the Money base shock

Euribor 3M rates 2005-2014 (Source: ECB)

Ordered probit and ordered logit estimation of credit availability

Key indicators of central bank balance sheets End-April 2017

The evaluation of the reliability of sign restrictions thus supports the choice of not introducing such

Long-term Foreign Currency Sovereign Ratings in Some Euro Area Countries .

Prudential regulation and bank levies

Expansion of ECB and FED assets (2007=100)

... sovereign yields, stock market indices and portfolio inflows reacted over a one-day time window to the set of announcements related to the ECB's ...

Development of central bank balance sheets

PVAR estimation, twostep GMM: Aggregate loan and deposit rates I