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From monicasisson Finnegan says This sure will be an interesting

From monicasisson Finnegan says This sure will be an interesting


From @monicasisson: “Finnegan says: This sure will be an interesting Christmas,

From @monicasisson: “Alice and Finnegan are showing their Canadian colours, sending out sandpapers kisses to all Canadians. Happy Canada Day!

From @monicasisson: “Finnegan reaches up to try and get a good #icelollylicks” #catsofinstagram [catsofinstagram.com]

From @monicasisson: “Finnegan met snow for the first time this winter. He wasn't too sure what he thought of this cold, wet, white stuff!

From @pitterpatterfurryfeet: “Finnegan says 'open the door and let me in!

And Finnegan has to add a bit of Caturday Catitude to his close up, of course! (Con't from previous two posts — Photo by @monicasisson) ~ #cat #siberian ...

#beautifulphoto RepostBy @monicasisson : • • • Finnegan says: first I'll

Alice is pretty relieved it's Friday, how about you? #tgif 👍🏻😹

From @monicasisson: “Finnegan (a Siberian Lynx Point) is a very curious

Finnegan Internet cet.

Will we have ❄ this Christmas? Finnegan and I are both keeping an eye

It's a cats in scarves #tot contest! First up is Alice with a closed-eyes head bowed entry. (Con't in next post) (Photo by @monicasisson) Check out our new ...

From @monicasisson: "Finnegan makes the best faces; he is so expressive!

Finnegan says: hey there weekend! I see you with my big blue 👀'

The nose knows; it's Friday (cheer up Finnegan!) (📷: @


Alice & Finnegan say: Lick it up and show us your #RedAndWhite this Canada

From “Snuggle-bug Finnegan has kept me in bed longer than I should stay there more times than I care to admit. But really, who can say no to a cuddly, ...

While Finnegan is waiting patiently for Santa to arrive, Alice is just thinking how delicious

Rainy days and Mondays… am I right? We have some messy weather coming today

Alice says: I could be Santa paws! 🎄😹🎅🏻 (📷: @monicasisson) ~ Follow our hashtag, #pitpatfurfeet, so you never miss a post!

There's a definite nip in the air, but it's okay, Finnegan is ready for

Cats of Instagram From @monicasisson: “I'm all wrapped up and cozy for fall! #cat #photos #photography

Cats of Instagram on Instagram: “From @monicasisson: “Finnegan always knows how to put on a funny face! See more of him, his half sister Alice, ...

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver Happy #nationaldogday ❤ 🐶🐾 (📷 @monicasisson

From @monicasisson: Finnegan has to be one of the most expressive kitties in the

Finnegan as a bunny in the bath. Monica Sisson said: 'We enjoy telling…

Oliver says: I gots to stay cozy! 😹🐶 (📷 @monicasisson)

No doubt dreaming of all the presents he'll find under the 🎄! (

Alice & Finnegan just want to say… (Con't in next ⬅

Walk softly & carry a big stick! #Havanese #dog #Toronto #pet

From @franky.dood: "Who would have thought snow would taste so good

Finnegan says: I know you are upset because its Monday again Alice but how about

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver: Oliver says: Autumn and I match! 🍂🐶🍁 (📷 @ monicasisson) ~ #puppy #havanese #bestwoof @bestwoof .

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver on Instagram: “Finnegan says, "it's only Thursday...". (Con't in next ➡ post) (Photo by @monicasisson) ~ Check out our new ...


(Photo by @monicasisson) ~ #cat #siberian

Being sneezed in the face comes with the territory.... I would say

Not sure what moms talking about, Pooh isn't under the bed he's right


(📷 @monicasisson) ~

Finnegan says these cookies LOOK delicious! (Photo by his human @ monicasisson) (

16 Times Cats Were Publicly Shamed For Their Hilariously Horrible Crimes

“What happens in Vegas… ends up on social media!”

How cute are these dressed up kitty cats?

... and Alice & Finnegan, on their pet account @pitterpatterfurryfeet, run by me and my sister @monicasisson ~ Canon 1D X MkII + 70–200 f2… ...

(📷 @monicasisson) ~ #puppy #havanese #bestwoof

Alice is ready for food time, especially when it's @bigcountryraw in her bowl!

Finnegan says: Christmas is almost here; it's time to get serious! 😹🎄

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver on Instagram: “Alice says: show me the cookies before I turn into Santa claws!!! (📷: @monicasisson) ~ Follow our hashtag, ...

This orange and whit This orange and white cat says "Let me show you my

We thought we were the ONLY ones doing this.... :) Crazy

Finnegan's got the holidays all wrapped up! ~ #cat #christmas #bokeh (

Alice says Finnegan might like to stand on @thepawpack boxes but Im a lady and

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When you get a kitten, they're so cute and little, but the real question in a lot of cat owners' minds is what will happen when they become adults.

Tuesday's Chem Cat funny from AFAB Lab Resources Science Humour, Science Cartoons, Science Cat

From Jackson Galaxy I'm pretty sure Ezzio would audition for this version of the show.

Are you sure he can't get out? http://cheezburger.

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A throwback to one of the best photos I've managed to capture and to when Mika was so small . This was the start of the most amazing sister relationship .

(There REALLY is a day for everything!) Alice


My reaction when I heard someone say stupid thing @tomonhajime#bengal #bengalcat

Cat looks like she is promising she'll love you furrever - Tap the link

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From @monicasisson: When you are in the spotlight stick out your tongue! Thats

See more of puppy Oliver, and Alice & Finnegan, on their pet account run by me and my sister ~ Canon X.

Alice, Finnegan & Oliver: Somebody has a bath in his near future! (Photo by @monicasisson) ~ #puppy #havanese #bestwoof .

50+ Funny Animal Pics That Will Bring Pleasure to Your Week

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(con't from previous post ➡ ) Alice says, 'You think so? Are you sure it's not me you're seeing?' 🎅🎄 (Photo by her human @hollysisson)…

Life with a cat can turn into a real adventure! Moments with your cat range from utterly frustrating to pure fun.


Caturday Is Finally Here Along With The Greatest Cat Memes Collection

Finnegan says: Make sure you get outside and enjoy the last weekend of summer!

catsofinstagram: “From @monicasisson: “Let the bewitching season begin! See more

Kitty Fear Factor - Off the Mark by Mark Parisi

Am I cute? - 26th February 2016 - We Love Cats and Kittens Cute Cats

(📷: @monicasisson) ~ Follow our hashtag, #pitpatfurfeet, so you never miss a post! #cat #siberian #bestmeow @bestmeow ~ Follow us on FaceBook for ...

From @monicasisson: Looks like someone is ready for some mischief! See more of

Surely not EVERYBODY was Kung-Foo fighting 🤪.....#animalglobe #animalsco #awhanimals #barkbox #bestanimal #bestwoof #cutestIG #dog #dog_features ...

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(📷: @monicasisson) ~ #cat #siberian

Reaction shots from upcoming book, not sure when I can announce this sucker but you

Only 24 days until Christmas! 🐱🎅🏻🎄 (📷: @monicasisson)

So handsome in a bow tie! Happy Thursday! (📷: @monicasisson) ~ Follow our hashtag, #pitpatfurfeet, so you never miss a post!

Do you hear what I hear? It's time marching forward; Christmas is less than

Finnegan says: I smell Halloween! (It's only a week away!) (: @monicasisson) ~ Follow our hashtag, #pitpatfurfeet, so you never miss a post!

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PurritoCat - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

39 Tweets About Cats That Make Us Laugh Every Single Time - I Can Has Cheezburger

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I feel someone on my head give me a massage or jump off Hamster, Cat

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