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How I Made My Big Sister Helmet YouTube Bioshock cosplayprops

How I Made My Big Sister Helmet YouTube Bioshock cosplayprops


Bioshock 2 - Big Sister cosplay

Build a Bioshock DRILL ARM!!! - YouTube

Making of my Big Sister cosplay (Bioshock 2) - part 1

How to: Bioshock 2 Delta Helmet, Pepakura

Bioshock Big Sister helmet- How to make part 2

Making Big Sister the Harpoon Arm

Big Sister Cosplay - Daniele Reis

A neat video of the drill working on YouTube while we were posing for the Friday Night Costume Contest photos:

Cosplay Tutorial: Splicer - Bioshock | DIY

My most complicated cosplay to date. One day I will remake this much better! #bioshock #bigsister #bigsisterbioshock #bigsisterbioshockcosplay #cosplayer ...

Subject Delta Eleanor Lamb Bioshock Cosplay

There are several distinct pieces that make the Big Sister costume. There's the helmet, the chest plate + shoulder plates, an oxygen tank and an adjoined ...

I finally lost my mind enough to try to tackle one of these big guys. Bioshock Cosplay ...

How I Made My Big Sister Helmet. Life Fiber Cosplay

"Big Sister doesn't like me playing with you..." 📸: @spicy.sans ~ I'm honestly in love with all of our Bioshock cosplay pictures..! They're so amazing and ...

TUTORIAL DIY - Eve Hypo (Bioshock)

How To Make A Foam Deep Sea Diver's Helmet. DIY Halloween Costume

Bioshock Cosplay

LITTLE SISTER and BIG SISTER! Bioshock Cosplay at Anime Boston 2014

Bioshock 2: Big Sister

This gal here.

Eleanor Lamb Subject Delta Helmets Bioshock Cosplay

Bioshock 2 Subject Delta Drill custome, Helmet and M-200 barrel - YouTube

Eleanor suit reference. Melissa Pevy · bioshock cosplay

How to: Bioshock 2 Delta Helmet, Pepakura

VolpinProps BioShock Big Daddy Costume, little sister, with shark

Bioshock Spider Splicer Mask - Cosplay Time-Lapse

... for the caption as most cosplayers do bc Big Sis just screams 📸- @cosplaywon - - - - #bigsisterbioshock #bioshock2 #bioshock #bigsistercosplay #cosplay ...

Só pra permanecer na memória ❤ - - - #bioshock #bioshockseries #bioshockcosplay


Bioshock 2 big sister!!

I'm going to break with tradition for a sec, and show you the finished product first. This is a long, long, long post that details nearly 7 solid weeks of ...

Great Job Ryan. Adventures of MetroCon. I went to metrocon this weekend. Here is what I saw

Subject Delta Cosplay Helmet Bioshock Eleanor Lamb Cosplay Helmet Bioshock


Bethesda's anti-consumer review policy comes as no surprise • Eurogamer.net


Big Sister from Bioshock 2. Chaos Space Marine from Warhammer 40,000 – The gun rotated!

After playing Bioshock 2 for the first time I just had to make this. The way Eleanor stands and walks is awesome! Owl · Big Sister Cosplay

67 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Big Daddy From Bioshock


Cosplay Interview with Paige Gardner, CostumeArt. Warhammer 40K Inquisitor, photo by ConographyRepurposing ...

Bioshock cosplay photo by Lily-pily ...

I made my 2nd ever prop for my PSO2 cosplay I would Like to know more about differents types of foam though ^^

Drawings Little Sis 1

A Big Thank You to Many People

From "Hueyatl" on Flickr (note, I had taken the drill arm off at this point to make walking and navigating easier)

Team Fortress 2 now cross-dressing with BioShock

How to Make Your Own Fallout 3 Helmet Prop!

@katrix_media tokk the picture @myx.cosplay is the splicer in the background Thank you so much < #bigsisterbioshock #bioshockcosplay ...

My first cosplay. Eleanore as a Big sister (Bioshock 2) @2k .

Left 4 Dead Witch Claws ...

How to Make a Glowing Helmet From 'Tron'

I hope this works for all of you out there, and good luck with your cosplay!

Subject Delta Cosplay Helmet Bioshock ...

However, two designs by McCaig show Big Daddies that can apparently fly, which is a scary thought. Not only would these Big Daddies be hard to kill, ...

3D Print a Wearable Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt Helmet from The Witcher 3

Im selling this Kitty Splicer Mask I made awhile back on my Etsy

Big Sister - corset and shorts Cosplay tutorial



the iconic big daddy from the bioshock series posing with a little sister inside rapture

Make the Big Daddy Drill from BioShock - YouTube


Anybody a fan of the Bioshock games?? Another awesome fan make from @super_mario_faker —————————————————— 🤓YouTube.com/TheRetroWorld ...

Linkfilter member Reapre had considered a Rocketeer costume when he hit on the idea of Boba Fett Hovering on a Column of Flame.

Making Big Sister - the helmet 6 years ago

This Big Daddy cosplayer happens to be a prop maker who uploaded his full Big Daddy crafting process onto his blog here. Check it out to get an idea of what ...

NTG Cosplay: Your cosplay doesn't have to be super detailed or competition-level, but as long as you have fun doing it, ...

Iron Man 2008 Helmet


Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – Captain America: Civil War

OR3O is a youtube creator that is not your typical cookie. For the past year, she has made nerdcore songs such as “All eyes on me”, “Doki Doki Forever”, ...

Photo Shoot Featuring Homemade BioShock Big Daddy Costume & Little Sister at Georgia Aquarium

I'M ALMOST DONE WITH MY BIG SISTER!! Just a little bit left, including the fixations, and this cosplay will be done. The cosrush will not have me!

Bioshock group with my friends back in the day. ◇ ◇ ◇ Akon 22 2011 Oli as Spider Splicer Madison as Thuggish Splicer Amanda as The Big Sister #cosplay ...

Big Sister from Bioshock 2

On Friday, I wore my exploding TARDIS outfit. In this photo, I'm way too tired. This is my “prop-my-eyelids-up-with-toothpicks” look.

Threezero. Threezero Bioshock Big Daddy & Little Sister ...


Captain America:Civil War Clint Barton Hawkeye Cosplay Costume mp003321

aracknoid3 Cosplay

Mortal Kombat 11 Mechanics Impressions: What Pros Can Expect

Throwback to when I made an American Slasher mask. Big shoutout to @bighush979 for

How I made my Big Daddy Cosplay

Cosplay of Lara Croft by Tatiana DeKhtyar at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles 2016

Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb Helmets

Extravagant video game replicas 84

Todo sobre los Big Daddies | +Big Sister & SongBird (Universo BioShock)

Bioshock cosplay performance Big Sister & Little Sister. Performance at my bio on my youtube


How To: Big Sister, Bioshock 2 Helmet/Lamp