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How to Take Care of Epiphytic Plants Gardening 101 t

How to Take Care of Epiphytic Plants Gardening 101 t


Bromeliads are epiphytic plants that grow on trees or logs instead of in soil. If you're new to growing bromeliads, brome… | Gardening Tips for Newbies ...

Epiphytic orchids grow on tree bark.

Paphinia litensis

Planta: Phaius tankervilliae

Bromeliads are unique tropical beauties that make great house plants! Bromeliad plant care isn't difficult, but is a bit different than your average plant.

Air Plant - it seems magical - they grow without soil, in the tops of trees... Succulents | Epiphytes

Bromeliads make wonderful houseplants & are great for beginning gardeners. These Aechmea plant care tips will guide you through.

Bromeliads are colorful & easy houseplants. These Guzmania plant care tips will help keep yours looking great.

neoregelia & pink quill plant bromeliads sit on a table in a nursery

Bromeliad Plant Care: How To Grow Bromeliad House Plants

a collage with 4 pictures of pink quill plant, guzmanias, neoregelias &an aechmea the

2 aechmea bromeliads with pink flower stalks side by side on the ground

Catleya dowiana

A red small pot planted with succulents, next to it there's a cement log planter

a variegated hoya is trained to grow up & over bamboo hoops in a topiary form

HOW NOT TO KILL AN ORCHID. A lot of people bemoan their incompetence at growing orchids. I have the opposite problem—an inability to kill my scraggly ...

article-mar6-header. Epiphytes: Survival Ninjas

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Plants & Container Gardening, Plants and Planting, Sprig & Stone

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

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Growing A Bromeliad And How To Care For A Bromeliad Plant

close up of a pink quill tillandsia with the pink quill & purple flowers the text

Orchid Care Pixabay RainerBerns

a large, colorful neoregelia bromeliad in a metal urn planter sits on a table next

Orchids in the garden trees

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Many epiphytic lichens growing closely together in Las Alturas Biological Station in southern Costa Rica.

Plants & Container Gardening, Plants and Planting

How to Care for Orchids: A Comprehensive Organic Guide

... Thanksgiving Cactus) is a very popular blooming plant for the holidays. It's a long lasting, easy care houseplant you can have for years. Here's how to ...

Top Ten Plant Care Tips

What Are Tillandsia or Air Plants and How Do You Take Care of Them? – OrchidRepublic

Bromeliads 101: how to properly pot, divide and grow them in South Louisiana

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Staghorn Fern Care: How To Water, Grow and Care for Mounted Staghorn Ferns

Air Plant Varieties

Únete a los frikis de jardín en Facebook! El Jardín Geeks Planta del Día Coral

Tillandsia xerographica mounted vertically on a tree trunk. Big Plants, Unique Plants, Nature

a vriesea bromeliad with a tall orange flower sits on a patio floor the text reads

How to Grow Orchids. A comprehensive guide to orchid care

close up of a green & deep pink neoregelia the text reads Neoregelia Plant Care Tips

How to make a sphagnum moss pole for epiphytes

Nature and Life - Episode 101 (Parasitic and Epiphytic Plants)

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Three of my orchids in bloom

Orchid Care for sale

a staghorn fern planted in a colorful pot sitting a text below reads How To Grow


How To Care For Your Air Plants / Joy Us Garden

I would like to take a cutting to bring home, but do epiphytes need different rooting requirements?

pink quill plant bromeliads in flower sit on a table in a nursery next to neoregelia

How to Grow Orchids

NW Gardening Tips — Swansons Nursery - Seattle's Favorite Garden Store Since 1924

A scene from the 2017 winter New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. Photograph courtesy of

Easter Cactus: Tips on How to Grow and Care for a Tropical Houseplant on Gardenista

10 Amazing Facts About Epiphytes

rows of colorful neoregelia bromeliads with scarlet red centers in a greenhouse

How To Get Your Christmas Cactus To Flower Again

air plant display cholla wood

Growing Orchids Paphiopedilum

Its ability to tolerate lower-light conditions and relatively easy care make ...

Bromeliads are easy to propagate because they produce pups (babies) before they die. Find out how to remove & pot up bromeliad pups.

Be aware that highly toxic pesticides are often used in large scale foliage plant production. When you purchase plants, purchase them from a reputable ...

Little did we know as we accepted our prom flowers that they had a name beside

Schlumbergera plants are epiphytes hailing from the rainforests of Brazil, where they grow wild in the branches of trees; however, most people opt to house ...

Carousel plants without dirt photo 2

How I Potted My Staghorn Fern To Grow In The Desert

Moth-orchid: Phalaenopsis stobartiana - This is a miniature-sized, hot-growing epiphyte occuring at elevations of 800 to 900 meters in forests on tree ...

They help make the atmosphere more pleasant, and can also help to purify the air. Sometimes caring for plants that ...

Closeup of a man's arms and torso, in a gray flannel shirt, planting a

Growing Orchids Oncidium

These days you can now easily purchase a lovely and inexpensive potted orchid, a Cattleya

The Art of Kokedama

The Houseplant Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Finicky Ferns - Gardenista

Epiphytic Cactus Care and Tips - Carmen Whitehead

Image titled Care for Orchids Step 3

Growing Orchids Phalaenopsis

Construction, Plants & Container Gardening, Plants and Planting, Sprig & Stone, Terrarium, Vivarium, and Habitat Information

beautiful bromeliads in shades or red, pink & green in a grower's greenhouse

I love Sansevierias, aka Snake Plants, & fortunately they're also very easy to propagate. I show you 3 ways to do it.

Care Tips for Oxalis 'Charmed Wine' - Shamrock Plant. Liquidambar Girl Gardening

Orchid Care Pixabay eyeImage

Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice by Kevin Espiritu | Urban Gardener, Hydroponics Enthusiast, Plant Lover on Apple Podcasts

Image titled Care for Orchids Step 10

How To Care For Holiday Plants

Plant Care: Repotting

Caring for your Bromeliad

BromeliadsDo ...