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Ive accepted the curly hair Its taken me 35 years but its what

Ive accepted the curly hair Its taken me 35 years but its what


I've accepted the curly hair. It's taken me 35+ years, but

Thank you for those who have commented and shared their experiences to help me along the journey! Here's how I began and where I've ended up --

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Curly Girl Method - Week 3 Results

Curly hair can be tricky. I have always had really wavy hair, but after Amelia was born, my hair quickly turned into a ringlet-y, frizzy mess!

If you arrived at this post completely clueless on how to take care of your curly hair, start your curly hair journey today ! Check this post – Start Here

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I've come a long way with my loving and accepting my hair, and also learning how to take care of my crown. Skin I had acne for 7 years I…

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How I straighten my hair perfectly!! (Naturally curly thick hair) - YouTube

But then one day I saw that Julianne Hough got a perm and that's all it took for me to hop in that chair.

Curly Girl Method Before and After ...


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Gabriella 10 months following the curly girl method ...

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Your 20s

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... and pluck my eyebrows because of all the natural light. So, looking in the mirror, it didn't take long before I caught sight of the sole silver strand ...

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Caramel Highlights

Curly Girl Method - Week 4 Results

Same week, same products, even the same styling techniques (I raked in my

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Gabriella hygral fatigue 7 months CG hygral fatigue

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Curly Cailín Pre-CG Method damaged curly hair

Curly Girl: The Handbook: Michele Bender, Lorraine Massey, Deborah Chiel: 8580001044262: Amazon.com: Books

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Most of us have experienced that pivotal peak of pain, anger or frustration in which we want to scream “I hate my life.” Yet, the feeling that a dark cloud ...

Curly Girl Method Before and After Curly Girl The Handbook

13. Side Thick Braid

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10 QUICK & EASY Natural Hairstyles UNDER 60 seconds! for SHORT/MEDIUM natural hair

A naturally curly fringe can look eccentric and playful (think Miranda July) or kind of vintage inspired (think Juno Temple in Atonement), ...

About It took me half my life to accept the curls on my head, I'm glad it only took me 2 years to accept that I don't have rolls I have curves.


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