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SFP9321 125Gbps Singlemode BIDI SFP Transceiver 20km TX 1310nm

SFP9321 125Gbps Singlemode BIDI SFP Transceiver 20km TX 1310nm


LevelOne - SFP-9321 1.25Gbps Single-mode BIDI SFP Transceiver, 20km, TX 1310nm / RX 1550nm

1.25Gbps Tx:1550nm/Rx:1310nm 20km BiDi SFP Transceiver Module

SFP-7020-WB Gigabit single strand BiDi SFP transceiver 20Km T:1550/

Gigabit Ethernet single-mode LC fiber Media Converter (SFP LX Transceiver included),

Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter, Singlemode Dual LC Fiber, 1.25Gb/s SFP Module


SFP-7010-31 1000Base-LX Gigabit SFP transceiver singlemode 20Km 1310nm w/

1.25Gb/s 1310nm,20Km LC SFP Transceiver,+3.3V,Single

Juniper Networks SFP-GE20KT13R15 Compatible 1000BASE-BX BiDi SFP 1310nm-TX /1550nm

Gigabit SFP Media Converter RJ45 with 1G Single Mode Duplex Transceivers Optical Module 20km DDM/DOM LC Fiber Optic Jumper Cable-in Fiber Optic Equipments ...

ADVA 0061003012 compatible BlueOptics SFP BO15C3155620D ...

Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter, Single Mode Dual SC Fiber, 1000Base-LX to 10/100/1000Base-Tx, up to 20km, Pack of 2


1000M SFP RJ45 Gigabit Media Converter Fiber Optic with 1G Single Mode Duplex Transceiver Module 20km fibra optica LC Connector-in Fiber Optic Equipments ...

Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter - UTP to 1000Base-SX - ST Multimode, 550m

Mini Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter, 1x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 to

SFP-1000-LRM SFP+ 10G LRM transceiver multimode 220m range on OM1 fiber


Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with 20KM SFP Transceiver · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter SFP Slot to RJ45 · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Dual SC ...

SFS-7080-Z55 1000Base-ZX SFP transceiver singlemode long-haul 80Km,

10Gtek for Mikrotik S-31DLC20D, 1.25 Gigabit SFP Transceiver Module, 1000Base-LX

Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with 20KM SFP Transceiver · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter SFP Slot to RJ45 · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Dual SC ...

Arista SFP-1G-T Compatible 1000BASE-T SFP Module

Mikrotik 1.25Gb/s Single.Mode SFP 20KM

1.25Gbps Multi-mode 850nm 0.5km 1x9 SC Fiber Optical Transceiver

China 20km DOM BiDi SFP+ Transceiver Module Single Fiber 10GBASE-BX WDM 10G 1270/

155Mbps Tx:1310nm/Rx:1550nm 20km SC BiDi 1x9 Fiber Optical Transceiver ...

Gigabit Ethernet Copper SFP Transceiver Module 1.25G / 10g With 1000BASE-T Standards

SFP Optical Module. Multimode and single-mode fiber; Gigabit ...


... Cisco GLC-LH-SM-20 Compatible 1000BASE-LX/LH SFP 1310nm ...

SFP Transceivers Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Transceivers | Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Networx Fiber Media Converter - 100Base-FX, ST Singlemode, 20km, 1310nm

1.25Gbps Single-mode BIDI SFP Transceiver, 20km, TX 1310nm / RX 1550nm: SFP- 9321

FRM220-10/100i-SC20B Fast Ethernet WDM BiDi single strand singlemode managed fiber ...

Fs sfp-transceiver-banner.jpg

SFP Transceiver Single-Mode Gigabit Mini-GBIC Module 1000BASE-LX/LH Compatible Ubiquiti UF-SM-1G (SMF, 1310nm, 10km, Dual LC DOM), 2 Pack

Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with 20KM SFP Transceiver · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter SFP Slot to RJ45 · Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Dual SC ...

IMC-1000S-PHE12 - Gigabit Ethernet to SFP slot industrial fiber media converter with

1.25Gbps TX:1310nm/RX:1490nm 20km CSFP Transceiver Module

Macroreer for Cisco GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX/LH Gigabit SFP Module Single-Mode with DOM 1310nm 10km

10/100/1000M 2-port Rj45+1 SFP port Fiber Optic Ethernet Switch media converter

Gigabit Ethernet. The SO-SFP-1000BASE single mode transceiver ...

Single Mode1.25Gbps Optical Fiber Transceiver Dual Fiber 20KM LC Connector

Multimode Gigabit Fiber Media Converter - Built-In Fiber Module 2 km (1.24 miles


GPON OLT SFP Transceiver

FMC-10-100-SC20A Fast Ethernet single strand BiDi fiber media converter,

media converter,fiber media converter , fiber converter fiber to ethernet converter

ethernet media converter , media converter gigabit , single mode media converter

19149 ...

... 155Mbps Singlemode 1550nm 80km 1x9 Fiber Optical Transceiver with Duplex ST receptacle

1x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 to 1x 1000Base-X SFP Slot

8.5gbps SFP+ Fiber Channel Optical Transceiver/SFP+/SFP CWDM Module

1.25Gb/s bidi or bi-directional SFP transceiver, small form factor pluggable, single LC receptacle interface, 1310nm FP Tx or 1550nm DFB Tx, 10km or 20km ...

... Converter Media Converter; 29.

Gigabit copper 10/100/1000BaseT to single strand BiDi fiber converter A type Tx

Cisco 20km bidi wdm SFP-10G-BX20U-I/SFP-10G-

Трансивер Huawei MV-M435L1TD-20

FMC-10-100-ST20B Fast Ethernet single strand BiDi fiber media converter,

Fast Ethernet Media Converter, 20km SM Simplex SC Fiber, Tx/Rx=1550nm/1310nm - Fiberworks

SFP Gigabit modules single strand BiDi(WDM) 1310nm/1490nm

1.25G SFP WDM Optical Transceiver: SFP WDM Optical Transceiver,1000Base-LX/LH Distance 10km 20Km 40Km with 9/125 SMF Data rate up to 1.25Gb/s Meet SFP MSA

Unlike the SFP transceiver, it has a larger case. It is mainly used in telecommunication and DWDM technologies. Today, the active elements are usually ...

Planet MGB-LA20 - SFP-Module 1000Base-BX | Connector WDM/Bidi LC | Wavelength: RX: 1550nm TX:1310nm | Mini-GBIC module | Max Distance up to 20 km ...

Juniper QFX-SFP-1GE-SX Compatible 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m DDM Transceiver Module

3V Power Supply and TTL Logic Interface Hot-Pluggable SFP Footprint Duplex LC Connector Interface

1Pair 10/100M light RJ45 Ethernet to Fiber Optic Media Converter Singlemode 25KM

1 pair SC Connector 1.25Gbps 20km DDM BIDI Otdr optical tranceiver module 1310nm/1550nm

Hot Sale 2pieces/lot1.25G SFP Module SFP Fiber Optical Module SM Duplex Fiber1310nm

... use UFiber 1G or 10G single-mode modules and BiDi models for maximum reuse of existing infrastructure. For shorter runs, use UFiber 1G or 10G multi-mode ...

25KM 10/100M Gigabit Ethernet WDM Bi-Directional Single Mode Fiber Media Converter

4 MOD DEF (2) Module Definition 2 Data Line for Serial ID. 5

3Com 3CSFP92 Compatible 1000BASE-LX SFP 1310nm 10m DOM Transceiver


SFP Transceiver 1.25Gb/s CWDM Single Mode. SFP Transceiver 1.25Gb/s CWDM Single Mode

Free Shipping 1.25G,SM,WDM,1310/1550,20KM,SC Fiber Module,compatible with Cisco Code,DDM,BiDi Fiber Optic SC SFP Transceiver -in Fiber Optic Equipments from ...

100Base-FX to 100Base-X Fiber Mode Conversion

... 4. Typical BIDI SFP Module No.4 Model Description ...

SCA-SCP-SS9 - SC/APC to SC/UPC singlemode 9/

GPON OLT SFP modules for UFiber OLT

10Gtek for Cisco GLC-LH-SMD/GLC-LH-SM/SFP-GE-L, Gigabit SFP Transceiver, 1000Base-LX/LH, SMF, 1310nm, 10km

optical transceiver module product image

2 Class C+ Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) Transceiver Multisource Agreement July 5

Free Shipping 1.25G,SM,WDM,1310/1550,20KM,SC




100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Fiber Mode Conversion

8 Ports 10/100M Ethernet Optical Fiber Switch (FX) and 2 UTP RJ45 10/100/1000M | Lightem Systems Ltd

2pieces/lot 10/100/1000Mpb Gigabit Fiber Optical Media Converter Multimode Duplex Fiber. US $115.00. New Sales 2pcs SFP Transceiver module 1000BASE- BIDI ...

GPON OLT SFP modules for UFiber OLT

SFP-1020-LR SFP+ 10G LR transceiver module, single-mode, 1310nm, 20Km

1 Pairs High stability Cassette Gigabit SFP fiber transceiver single-mode single fiber 20KM LC

LEVELONE Transceiver LevelOne SFP / Sin