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Swedish Armed Forces radio alphabet Wikipedia communication

Swedish Armed Forces radio alphabet Wikipedia communication


The initial page of the first complete copy of Västgötalagen, the law code of Västergötland, from c. 1280. It is one of the earliest texts in Swedish ...

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Swedish soldier during World War II

History of Sweden. From Wikipedia ...

History of the International Phonetic Alphabet. From Wikipedia ...


Establishment of the first headquarters of the Finnish Defence Forces on 2 February 1918

1993 revision[edit]

This picture of the demonstration was taken before the military opened fire.

Heliograph. From Wikipedia ...



... of what is commonly known as "blitzkrieg" is a highly mobile form of infantry and armour, working in combined arms. (German armed forces, June 1942)

Forced refoulement to the Soviet Union[edit]

Denmark in World War II. From Wikipedia ...

Operation Weserübung.jpg

Warszawa Powstanie 1944-08-04.jpg. Polish Home Army ...

U.S. Army PSYOP Force structure

Map of Sweden's five major vegetation zones

Disinformation. From Wikipedia ...

Ratnik infantry combat system in recon variant and AFV crew individual protection kit Ratnik-ZK. The Russian Armed Forces ...

Military land operations in southern and central Norway in April and May 1940

United States Psychological Operations

History of telecommunication. From Wikipedia ...


Kurdish alphabets. From Wikipedia ...

Front of leaflet

President Theodore Roosevelt was criticized for supporting the simplified spelling campaign of Andrew Carnegie in 1906

Quackery. From Wikipedia ...

NATO phonetic alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, with Morse Braille Alphabet, Alphabet

Chirogram from Chirologia, 1644

Sign in German outside the German Church, Stockholm

Royal orders of chivalry[edit]

Finnish troops equipped with Panzerfaust antitank weapons walk past a destroyed Soviet T-34 tank during the Battle of Tali-Ihantala.

The new ISAF structure from August 2009

Military land operations in southern and central Norway in April and May 1940

Naval Cipher No. 4[edit]

The July Crisis[edit]

Official use of languages[edit]

Isogloss for the pronunciation of "R" (c. 1960), being alveolar north of the boundary and uvular ("French R") south of it.

Later history[edit]

U.S. Army Signals Intelligence Service personnel at Arlington Hall (c. 1943)


Tank. From Wikipedia ...

Times after 24:00[edit]

Swedish and Norwegian flags in 1899, after the removal of the union badge from the merchant flag of Norway

Modern Swedish[edit]

Foreign languages[edit]

The number of Swedish speakers in Finland 1880-2009 by province. The population in Vaasa province declined in the early 20th century due to emigration to ...

Military policemen (Army, Navy, and Air Force) from the three services within the Indonesian National Armed Forces stand at attention during a ceremony

Finnish soldiers 1944.jpg

Swedish tribes in Northern Europe in 814

American Revolutionary War leaflet attempting to demoralize the enemy by showing distinctions in the quality of life between the fighting forces.

Frequency of use of the English language in Sweden, 2005, according to the Eurobarometer

Regulatory bodies[edit]

Men of the Greek military police (Stratonomia)

After 1942 and interception of phone traffic[edit]

Raoul Wallenberg.jpg

Large, severely-damaged building

A group of foreign journalists observing something during snowfall in Mainila, where a border incident

Speech/Morse generator

The immediate pre-war period[edit]

Norwegian refugees undergoing military training in Sweden


The "MP" patch identifies this woman as being a member of the New Zealand Defence Force Military Police.

Babbage: Droning on

2: German heliograph made by R. Fuess in Berlin (on display at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt)

German and British naval movements from 7–9 April

Mercenary warfare[edit]

Old Latin[edit]

Allied response[edit]

Scandinavism, between Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Revolvy User

This late-1700s ocean circulation map was based on the work of Benjamin Franklin and James Poupard after conducting drift bottle experiments, ...

Situation map for 24:00, 6 June 1944

Finnish soldiers taking the Finnish Defence Forces military oath.

The Wikipedia category Republics and several connected categories with corresponding sample pages. Arrows show the

January 1942[edit]


Vladimir Putin and Defence Minister Sergey Shoygu, Victory Day Parade in Moscow, 9 May 2013.