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Tbh Skyrim Is Pretty Good Tho Things Memes Texts Skyrim

Tbh Skyrim Is Pretty Good Tho Things Memes Texts Skyrim


When your friend asks you what Skyrim is about and to give them the gist of it ...

Good riddance.

Playing for the first time in my life. I think this pretty much summarizes my experience so far.

One of the coolest final rooms in Skyrim ...

First time player. What the hell does it take to distract these people?!

Florentius of the Dawnguard picked an unusual rescue target ...

My obsession on picking up every book I can find is starting to be a problem ...

Can't get enough of this game ...

Archmage Savos Aren is still with us.

I used to think Skyrim's vanilla graphics are too washed-out. Years later, I prefer vanilla over any graphics mod. Cycle is complete, I guess.

I Fucking love Skyrim quest mods (mod:Vigilant) ...

Skyrim is for the Nords!

Finally done modding my Skyrim!

Hit save 10,000 today!

I met the headless horseman last night. And he was chasing after his horse. Headless, horseless, man.

TIL that draugr are hatched from dragon eggs ... right?

Todd Howard Says “If you want us to stop releasing it, stop buying it” Regarding Skyrim Ports ...

7 Years Later And Skyrim Is Still Beautiful As Ever ...

TIL that there is a quest in windhelm that lets you invade a pirate island along with The East Empire Company and their «army» ...

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Inigo, the best follower in Skyrim. (Part 5)

My version of Breath of the Wild ...

Skyrim Haters: SkYrIm iS GrEy AnD HaS nO CoLoR.

Going invisible on my low end skyrim ...

I don't think now is the best time Mr. Courier.

"What you learn here will last you a lifetime. Several, if you're talented.

When Skyrim beats real life grahics.

That moment when you don't need to say keep the change.

Saw a giant riding a dragon ...

Solitude Carriage: You can see High Hrothgar and the Throat of the World in the distance.

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Show your best equipment ...

Illusion 100 Speech 100 Destruction 100 #funny #meme

Whiterun never looked so good before.

Since others are doing it, here's my character at level 1 and at level 40.

How I play the Dark Brotherhood questline ...

Lydia, the real MVP. To me she's not a meme or a disposable lackey, she's been a loyal friend to many dragonborns over the years.

Skyrim Pick-up Lines--best thing ever! I would just die of happiness if a guy said these to me

I killed my first dragon today! Luv that game already.

You guys made me buy this game today with all your great posts. Tonight i will play skyrim for the very first time!

Ambushed by an Imperial wearing the most random loot I've ever seen.

The necklaces don't really show over armour, so I decided to make it very obvious I was searching for a wife.

The Dragonborn Cosplay ...

"If you know any true sons and daughters of Skyrim, tell them to head to Windhelm.

Was playing a fun game of hide and seek with my son.

My custom enchantment bows usually have leech life force, which takes half the health dealt and gives it to me, very powerful with high damage.

Sanuarach Mine? Sauranach Mine? Saunaruch Mine? Perhaps the real name was lost hundreds of years ago.

My newest character, the Skooma addicted Argonian, Boris!

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No matter how many times I start a new game, nothing ever beats this moment ...

You gotta love the house at Solstheim ...

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My game glitched and Blackreach lit up like daytime. It suddenly went back when I picked a Crimson Nirnroot.

I didn't know Skyrim had a different picture on the reverse of the cover till I saw it on here! About to play for the 1st time in over a year.


Skyrim vs. Smaug Fun


Had no idea what the masks were for for years, awesome to know it was this!

After 6 years this game is still beautiful!

Dragonborn ADHD?

TIL You can put the execution hood on your follower.

This jagged crown looks cool as shit on top of my mask. I don't think I'm going to give it to Ulfrich.

TIL you can return the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller to his tomb in exchange for a dragon soul.

Okay what the fuck serana ...

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The Funniest Memes worldwide for Birthdays, School, Cats, and Dank Memes.

Skyrim fans will know. This is exactly what happened to me the first time i saw a giant lol and I honestly thought my game was broken XD

Is this real life?

Skyrim funny <-- what the original pinner put. No person, I hate these things with a passion! Stupid little things get on my nerves!

How to blow your cover as an Imperial spy ...

I guess it really is a problem here in Skyrim.

620 hours and I finally saw the Headless Horseman!

Riften Scenery ...

Bravo sir, your a swindler but one has to admire the skill that takes Skyrim

Found out Skyrim hates me today. Nine Draugr Deathlords in Dustman's Crypt ... I'm level 21.

96 hours of gameplay later 😊 not a hard one, to be honest.

46 Of Today's Freshest Pics And Memes

120 hours in and I only just realised this.

Not partysnax! Sorry too good not to share... (I didn't kill him btw) but this made me laugh for quite a bit.

TIL There's a Dwarven Helmet that lets you shoot steam like a Centurion. Behold the power of the Visage of Mzund!


Skyrim Is The Best Game Ever Made And I Have The Memes To Prove It

Skyrim's biggest extortionist ...

I just realized that each knife dynamically marks the location of a Dark Brotherhood contract ...

Skyblivion Weather, Lighting and Tree Progress ...

r/dankmemes: **A Place to Post the Dankest Memes**

Have I modded Skyrim to much ...

Solitude and Whiterun - Visible on-screen at the same time ...

An almost scary feel within skyrim ...

My Organized Skyrim Wine + Mead Cellar.

Found it difficult to believe this is Whiterun.

Oh, and that you should NOT cross an ancient talking dragon, apparently.