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The 2018 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Writing Challenge

The 2018 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Writing Challenge


Welcome to the 2018 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!

Joining the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

My 31-Day Blogging/Writing Challenge ~ Will You Join Me? – Just Half An Hour

Day 1 – 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2018!

The closet is to the left. I had to crop the photo tight so you don't see the mess in the closet. 😉. ✓ Challenge accepted

I did "cheat" a little. I saw the beginning of this black check mark, so I moved one block to complete the check mark.

Sharing my best advice from my blogging experience in 2018. What I have learned!

mission accomplished stamp

31 Day Blog Challenge: I'm challenging myself to get through a month of

I did "cheat" a little. I saw the beginning of this black check mark, so I moved one block to complete the check mark.

Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge #dyicad2018 #dyicad2017 #smallformatart

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DBL - Art - Design Inspiration

Join the 31-day challenge. My 500 Words

30 days of Reflection challenge 30 Day Challenge Journal, 30 Day Writing Challenge, December

Are you doing our Page Per Day Challenge? Not sure what the PPDC is? It's an easy way to create a record of your life, one page at a time. You can write ...

I have so many things to share with you this month during the blog challenge. I hope to see one of your blogs among the challengers!

While I was in Denmark, one of the girls I met told me that every time she goes somewhere new, she sends herself a postcard. I admit that I laughed at the ...

You'll need a plan. May18 blog challenge notes

Welcome to Blogust – A 31 Day Daily Writing Challenge

This month I have been advised to choose a topic to write about. I wanted to choose something that kept in tone with my narrative, which is all about ...

If you want to improve your life in the biggest way possible, this is a

31 Day Blog Challenge

31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing Prompts :: 2018 Edition

Day 1 – 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge 2018!

... 31 day challenge... 2. Don't check your phone for an hour after waking up

If you follow our Daily Journaling Prompts and/ or our Month Themes you have probably seen mention of the Page Per Day Challenge. But what is it?

Take the 31-Day K1RS Points Challenge!

31 Day Blog Challenge January

The 31 Day Pursuit Challenge: Couple's Bundle (2 Books)

Kick Time January a Month Long Creative Challenge

30 day Blogging Challenge (The Reading Diaries)

For the month of December I accepted Cheryl's challenge of writing a blog post every day. That meant writing something every day during the busiest time of ...

2018 Writing Contests: The Ultimate Guide

31 Day Blog Challenge: Introduction

I am excited to be participating in this year's 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge hosted by Cheryl Sleboda at Muppin.com, so I will be blogging a lot more this ...

These songwriters will collaborate together for two days to co-write and record demos.

Exploring poetry in all its forms.

slice of life_individual

Blogging Challenge — Day 5. Happiest Birthday to my favourite writer!

The 31 Day Pursuit Challenge: Couple's Bundle (2 Books)

Today, bloggers are spending a lot more time on a typical article; time spent per post has risen 44%. The average blog post now takes 3.5 hours to write.

Daisy Yellow ICAD Challenge https://daisyyellowart.com

This is my 14th blog post in as many days as part of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. Be sure to check out the December posts in the sidebar to the right ...

30 Day Blog Challenge December

How To Find Your Confidence (+ 20 Day Self-Love Challenge) | self confidence tips, confidence building, self love affirmations, self love for women, ...

In a stretch to get some mojo back about my blog writing and posting I have decided to do a 31 day challenge. I was going to wait until May 1st to ...

30 Day Letter-Writing Prompts Card Deck

Quilting in progress - still a little more to go, then I will sew and

LEGO Challenge Calendar Ideas for Kids


TIP: Here is one surefire way to get you going: instead of worrying about LONG poetry (though you may go there) instead consider writing 31 micropoems.


Day 1 – My Blogging Goals for December. Complete the 31 Days of December Blogging Challenge ...

7 Tips for a Successful Writing Challenge

As an individual blogger, this makes sense. Spend more time writing fewer articles. You only have so many hours in a day. But nothing in the data suggests ...


What To Gift That Serious Quilter on Your Holiday List

The 31 Day Pursuit Challenge: Couple's Bundle (2 Books)


Are you wondering what a slice of life story is? Click on this image to

All skill levels are accepted, it's just important to have fun with it! Everyday of the month, check the topic and make some kind of Artwork inspired by ...

Everything you need to get started on a home decluttering challenge. Get your home decluttered

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment. Be sure to Tweet, Like, Share, +1, Pin this post as well! Subscribing to our RSS feed will ...

Journal prompts not just for august

Free Printable LEGO Challenge Calendar for kids! Our 31 Day LEGO Calendar is filled with

Blog 061 — May 31, 2018. It is as common now as it has been in the past to walk around emotionally repressing ourselves from how we truly feel inside.

#58 Participate in reciprocal guest blogging - Talk to your followers and look for people who'd like to write you a guest post and you'll write one by ...

More than half of the bloggers who write 2000+ word articles report “strong results.” Bloggers who write longer posts are far more likely to report strong ...


Tatting with my hand painted threads and buttons on mulberry paper

blog post

#31DayOfAdulting Tag

Blog Challenge Day Eleven: A picture of my handwriting. | Writing | Pinterest | Writing, Handwriting and Blog

Lessons from a 31-Day Article Challenge

Fuzzy writing

The 31 day home decluttering detox free printable. A step by step plan to go

Having a theme can help you know what to draw, as it narrows down a potentially overwhelming pool of possibilities while also keeping the main tone or style ...


Kick 365 – our 365 Day Sketch Challenge

This post is part of my Write 31 Days Challenge series, based on results of the Online Christian Creative Survey. Click here to see all posts in the series ...


Click to read my review on Goodreads.

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How the 31-Day Pursuit Challenge works

2018 Challenge Index

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Pecan tree with Arizona snow!

I am also linking up with the Five Minute Friday community today. To read more posts by bloggers on this prompt “praise” visit the link-up.

FYI: I made the plan 31 days and plan to do that with

Challenge #2. “

51 Nice thank you memes with cats. Thank You MemesFunny Thank YouWriting Challenge31 Day ...

This blog has been taken over by the 2018 Write 31 Days challenge. Here's the sweet, sweet index of all my posts of nope.