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The Spacing Effect How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

The Spacing Effect How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention


Kwan Tuck Soon on Twitter: "The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention https://t.co/VlBN00NSQQ via @farnamstreet… "

Student study strategy usage. Survey data from Karpicke, Butler, &

forgetting curves

Figure 1. Data from Karpicke & Bauernschmidt (2011).

The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

28 The Spacing Effect Inter-Study Interval (ISI) Or practise retrieving Spacing effect: Spaced > Massed Lag effect: Comparison of different levels of ...

Angelo Luciani

Proportion of facts recalled in the study by Cepeda et al . (2008) as

Brain Science: Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

The zero-sum hypothesis proposes that if you show a bigger enhanced primacy advantage (

Stahl et al 2010; CNS Spectrums

Figure 3. Data adapted from Karpicke & Blunt (2011) (from Figure 2

compris Final me

See Stephen R. Schmidt's webpage Theories of Forgetting , which cites Woodworth & Schlosbeg (1961) when presenting a ...

Using the Contributions of Hermann Ebbinghaus to Improve Your Memory

Alan ...

Mean number of minutes spent per concept in total across all learning sessions prior to the

How to Remember More of What You Learn by Leveraging the Spacing Effect

Candace Marles

10 techniques to massively increase retention

Massed vs spaced Wired (original, Wozniak?); massed vs spaced

Robbie Jack

Forgetting Curve - Ebbinghaus

Procedure of the experiment

Proportion recall as a function of the lag between repetitions on pure lists for lists learned

The T-Shaped Person: Building Deep Expertise AND a Wide Knowledge Base

Proportion free recall of capitalized words after viewing the words twice, either with the same

... increase retention. Creating a Card in Anki

customer retention strategies hero

Spaced Repetition: The Most Effective Way to Learn

And in my opinion, the interface is awesome – it's really easy to make new cards quickly, and the experience of studying them ...

I had a conversation with a fellow educator on this subject one semester, and we both came to the conclusion that knowledge ...

Primacy and Recency Effects in Learning

The Spacing Effect: How to Improve Learning and Maximize Retention

Words at the begining and end of a list are more likely to be recalled.


Focusing can help improve memory

Delight and loyalty.

Mean number of minutes needed per concept for students to reach the assigned criterion level in

Use visualization to improve memory

Microsoft clip art

Performance on short-answer comprehension questions (plotted as percentage correct) as a function

Leslie studied for 8 30 minute sessions and got an A. Nora studied for 1

The Learning Pyramid

34 The Spacing Effect For RI >= 1 day, is a 1-day ISI/gap sufficient to produce most/all of the benefit of spacing? Only a handful of studies provide ...

(2008) Experiment conducted on the internet N = 1,354 26 different combinations of gaps and RIs Stimuli: 32 obscure facts Procedure –Session 1: Learn 32 ...

Change your routine to improve memory

Why is difficult better?

Mean correct cued recall of definitions as a function of the number of relearning sessions completed

Brain Science: Overcoming the Forgetting Curve | Learning Solutions Magazine

Figure 4: ...

Jason Steere

The Organized Mind

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Prototype learning game for the concept of the Cartesian product

A diagram outlining the Learning Pyramid from National Training Laboratories.

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Brain Science: Overcoming the Forgetting Curve

Rating answers in Anki


Aug 27 Weekly Digest #122: Spaced Practice in Different Subjects

A graphic showing responses from Estrella Mountain Community College faculty and staff about preferred classroom environments

Figure 5: ...

How does colour in a learning space influence learning?

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In fact, any kind of information benefits from this kind of spaced practice – which is something that we've known since the the birth of memory science over ...

Mean percent correct (and 95% confidence intervals) showing the effect of a final

A group of students seated in Eames chairs gather around laptops while studying.

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What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?

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How to Improve Memory For Studying Magnetic Memory Method Blog image with a frustrated student

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The spacing effect

#9: Stimulate More of the Senses

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Major System on the Magnetic Memory Method

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alzheimers · smoking increase dementia risk

4 Things You Must do to Improve Volunteer Retention

We've looked at a few different strategies to help remember the names of people you meet on the Buffer blog before, but there's lots to say about memory.

Good study habits to maximise learning | npj Science of Learning Community

Thinking about one memory or association activates more. This can be both a strength and a weakness.

Email conversion rate.

Twisted Puppy

Figure 2: ...

Context-Dependent Learning. Long description available.

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6 Steps To Design Microlearning Activities That Facilitate Knowledge Retention In Online Training