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We have proven when we have a vested interest in Europe when we

We have proven when we have a vested interest in Europe when we


“We have proven when we have a vested interest in Europe, when we care

Nigel Farage

A man waves a Romanian flag during a protest in Bucharest as part of an international day of action against Acta. Photograph: Andrei Pungovschi/AFP/Getty ...

Aarhus is taking a stand against fear. The second-largest city in Denmark is one of the most diverse in Scandinavia. It's population of around 300,000 ...

Fossil fuels and vested interests: a society in denial. We need ...

On 23 June 2016, 52% of voters in a national referendum made it clear they would like the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. We know what they ...



Protesters march against the controversial TTIP deal in London last year


Gove says that by leaving the EU we would be largely free from the European Court


Kevin Rudd made the government (and the PM) the centre of the economy.

Bomb ...

Michael Gove (pictured above) says campaigning to leave the European Union wasn't

We had a comment sent in from Andrew, who thinks that Europeans do not “fear refugees”, but rather have very realistic concerns. Is he right?

YouTube chief says EU copyright plan could lead to blocked access | Financial Times


Vested Interest Group Interviewees

Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU? - Debating Europe

Many of those who pushed for the UK to adopt the euro are now encouraging the

Computer-generated image of how researchers believe U-3523 sunk off the Danish coast

Mark Rutte has positioned himself as a counterweight to Berlin and Paris, offering opposition or support to shape the future of the EU according to Dutch ...

David Davis - Resigned from Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union role

Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions

Irish Defence Forces

waxwork beckhams

Why are citizens falling out of love with the EU? The rise of Eurosceptic parties across the EU suggests something has gone seriously wrong.

NFL returns to London better than ever and eyeing potential global domination

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Europe's health systems on life support

Anecdotally, the post-Dimon collapse in crypto prices seems to confirm his view (though of course this is much more due to China concerns than a vested ...

Anti-vaxxers have embraced social media. We're paying for fake news with real lives

Venizelos: 'We're on a good path'

We need an Apollo-style programme to tackle climate change – Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber | Horizon: the EU Research & Innovation magazine | European ...

I've Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe's Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling.

In 2011, Mikołaj Dowgielewicz, Polish Minister for European and Economic Affairs, said: "We have our backs to the wall: one or two member states are not ...

The Renaissance represented ...

German chancellor Angela Merkel

Steve Baker - Resigned from Minister at the Department for Exiting the European Union role

European Space Agency

We told you, they lived it!

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When we have faced down impossible odds; when we've been told that we're not ready, or that we shouldn't try, or that we can't, generations of Americans ...

He's the Republican Party's monstrous creation.

So, in the end, Hamlet had it wrong. “To be or not to be” is not the question. The question of questions is, “What is the question?

Remain and leave signs on a lamp-post in Leeds in the run-up

Angela Merkel has been at odds with Emmanuel Macron over his EU reform plans | Michele Tantussi/Getty Images


No matter how far up the food chain you are, the failure to reform US healthcare puts you and those you care about squarely in the crosshairs of physical ...

Keeping up appearances: How Europe is supporting Ukraine's transformation | European Council on Foreign Relations

The debate about homeopathy is over. These verdicts prove it | Spectator Health

I would say to Arnout that, at least in a Danish context, we have public service media so, in some ways they're bound to be more objective.

It might surprise you to know that support for European integration and for monetary integration (that is, for the Euro) remains extremely high. We have ...

Still not loving ISDS: 10 reasons to oppose investors' super-rights in EU trade deals

First of all, we need emergency provisions, hotspots for reception of refugees. In the medium-to-long-term, we need a permanent relocation mechanism.

Angela Merkel should become the president of the European Commission | The Independent


Why do some people think climate change is a hoax?

7 Add to Bookmarks; europe euro sculpture

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher at the White House.

local government headquarters in the southern city of Basra, in Iraq /AFP

society economy globalization

To help real refugees, be firm with economic migrants | Nick Cohen | Opinion | The Guardian

If we sense that such changes are coming, we have an urgent responsibility to ourselves, our families, and our communities to prepare for them.

What's Wrong with the Withdrawal Agreement : The 8 MAJOR FAILINGS of MAY's DEAL

Marshall Plan at 70: How did the US revive Europe after the Second World War and did it achieve its aims? | The Independent

1 climate

A coal-fired power station in Gelsenkirchen, Germany dwarfs a wind turbine in the

Mark Waller believes the new White Hart Lane ground could become the best stadium in Europe (Getty )

Vested Interests Fight to Keep Control of Agriculture Reform

That's the best way to know what to apply to your life and your company, and what isn't applicable to the European reality.

The Conservatives want to suppress a debate on Brexit at their conference – but Tories like me are fighting back | The Independent

Angela Merkel should become the president of the European Commission | The Independent

... we get what we voted for and we are disappointed. The modern metropolis of Singapore towers over the Singapore River. Picture: Jason Goh/Pixabay

Are We To Destroy Iran Next? | The American Conservative

On Brexit, the Tories are gaslighting half the country | Rafael Behr | Opinion | The Guardian

Members of the Establishment are now trying to reverse Brexit by calling for a second referendum

Facts Myths written on a chalkboard

GUE-NGL, the group [in the European Parliament] that I'm a member of, has produced guidelines for an alternative policy on migration. And we've based those ...

How technology disrupted the truth | Katharine Viner | Media | The Guardian

I think the hardest question to answer is what is going to happen to trade and the economic relations between the UK and the rest of the EU.

The head of a Dublin rape charity says she is not surprised by the focus placed

Delete Facebook?

We told you, they lived it!

This table briefly describes the different areas you can focus on. We have provided a case study to illustrate each point.

We need the truth about alcohol – it should be labelled, just like food


Michael Gove has said he is proud of what David Cameron and George Osbourne (pictured