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Feminism Quotes and other important things t Feminism

Feminism Quotes and other important things t Feminism


Let's make "gender equality" a "natural way of life." Beyonce #quote from The Shriver Report

14 Jessica Valenti Quotes About Feminism That Will EMPOWER You

Let's talk feminism + 15 inspiring feminist quotes | CHAPTER FRIDAY | Bloglovin' | Important Things | Pinterest | Feminist quotes, Feminism and Equality

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The Best Damn Feminist Quotes to Get You Through This Weekend, the Next 4 Years, and Beyond

On self regard

Don't tell me something isn't ladylike. Is it a lady doing the thing then it's ladylike.

These are important topics to keep in mind with feminism.

I have compiled this list of 40+ feminist quotes to empower and enrage—and to keep us fighting the good fight. I hope you find inspiration here—or a least a ...

My Favorite Quotes from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's “We Should All Be Feminists”

If a man says he's not a sexist but he doesn't mind other men when they are being sexist, then guess what: he's sexist./// This is a really good point - if ...

We have not wrecked railroads, nor corrupted legislature, nor done many unholy things that men have done; but then we must remember ...

I couldn't have put it better myself 🙌🏻 #maisiewilliams #sotrue #feminist #sexist #normalpeople #aryastark #quote #inspiring #feminism #sexism #got # ...

... Watson is excited to play another intelligent, beloved heroine. In a recent cover story, she told EW's Anthony Breznican about the fierce feminist ...

5 Reasons Why So Many People Believe Feminism Hates Men and Why They're Not True - It's Pronounced Metrosexual

Part 10

Love the last bit, there ate god men but dont wait around for them to do something when you can do it yourself

I mean beauty isn't a social construct, it's literally subjective and what you find pleasing, beauty standards and stereotypes are social constructs

Feminism · I truly believe one of the most important things in life is to fall in love

This should be made into flyers. | Important things | Pinterest | Feminism, Equality and Truths

Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

And likewise being very feminine doesn't mean weakness. Take all women seriously please

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie #feminism

THE FUTURE IS FEMALE (Instagram photo by @womenmarch) Feminist Art, Female Empowerment

Feminism is about equality, and raising a society to respect men and women equally -- really it should be called humanism.

Lana Del Rey performs on the Pyramid stage on Day 2 of the Glastonbury Festival at


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12 of Emma Watson's most powerful quotes about feminism

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[Ginsburg's] feminism was very sweeping and very ambitious and very consistent. Justice O

i like how these are just... normal things... like... they aren't massive earth shattering things.

4. Joseph Gordon Levitt

We've rounded up the most inspiring girl power quotes to motivate you to join the #17girlpower movement and start living the life of your dreams!

A girl said to me once, "You shouldn't have gotten the job, they should have offered it to me." My response: "Well did you ask for it? No?

... the only blood that is not born from violence, yet it's the one that disgusts you the most" Period blood, women's empowerment, feminism, feminist quotes. "

Intersectional Feminism, Queen Quotes, Teenager Posts, Mental Illness

Celebrate International Women's Day with these 30 empowering quotes from trailblazing women who aren't afraid to dare:

The most important thing women have to do is to stir up the zeal of women

Inspirational Feminist Quotes: Amy Poehler. Can she PLEASE just be our BFF already?

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I always go back to feminism!

... everyday we need to tell ourselves this because everyday we battle an onslaught of indoctrination 💓. . .#recipesforselflove #selflove…” Feminist Quotes ...

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Honestly, which is one of the best parts about the relationship i'm in

Not even fair smh

It's not hard to be nice. Goddess QuotesFeminist ...

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She has been a prominent voice in feminist conversations and has founded the HeforShe movement, a move for solidarity among the genders in the fight for ...

Radfems in the comments: gorgeous

It's important.

Zendaya Just Said the One Sentence About Cultural Appropriation Everyone Needs to Hear

You Matter Because You Exist 💗. Feminist Quotes ...

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YASS!! This is why Kristoff is the best Disney Prince EVER!!!

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Ambivalently Yours: The Feminist Artist Who Crushes Female Stereotypes On Pink Paper

Jon Stewart | When people who others will listen to say important things.


I used to say I am not a feminist but-...now I

Best known for her roles on The Wonder Years & The West Wing, Danica

Being violent and overly masculine is men 'being themselves'?

Feminist Celebrity & Quotes : 25 Times Famous Men Stood Up For Feminism In The Most Epic Way Ever - Quotes Daily

After the rape and murder in India (bus ,the loudest in media) they

Feminist Quotes, Important Quotes, Badass Women, Patriarchy, Intersectional Feminism, Equal Rights

Helen Mirren | 17 Celebrities Who Have The Right Idea About Feminism

Or how often others simply look the other way.

Did this actually happen though? Im feeling more than a bit ignorant

Introvert - Nation Introvert Problems, Introvert Vs Extrovert, Antisocial Quotes, Me Vs You

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AMBIVALENTLY YOURS. Make Up Your Mind · Note To Self · Feminist Art ...

Emma Watson, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie

Feminist t-shirt from BootsTees to promote feminism, equal rights, and women's empowerment with the feminist quo… | Boots Tees: T-Shirts & Art & Stuff!

Weed out your internalised misogyny, stop dickpandering

THIS CAPTION WINS: When it comes to talking (or many other things) men think "equal" is being oppressed.

10 'We Should All Be Feminists' Quotes That Will Inspire You To Read More Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Dear women, you don't need a smaller crown - you need a man with bigger hands. Find this Pin and more on Feminism and other important stuff ...

Apologies for the language in this but it needs to be heard Feminist Quotes, Patriarchy

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives” – audre lorde. “

On civilization

More Important Things To Do Strength And Courage Quotes, Woman Quotes, Christian Inspiration,

cbaillustration: “I have been blown away by the quantity of #metoo stories,

Lastly, we can all relate to this one which is known to be one of the best feminist quotes by Emma Watson because it tells all girls what they should ...

On similarities between the sexes

emma watson feminism quote

It may surprise the Islamophobic white-centrist/supremacist 2nd wave feminists out there.

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I guess it means it has to be a “guy thing” huh? Let's fix that.

Inspirational Feminist Quotes: Empowering Quotes For Women - Inspirational Feminist Quotes: Empowering Quotes For Women

Stupid crap people worry about or use to oppress others.

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Note to Self: Character. The important thing is not your shape, but a

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie we should all be feminists