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If people in my hero academia didnt judge you because of your quirk

If people in my hero academia didnt judge you because of your quirk


Someone who bullies my mommy. I don't wanna be like that.

Now, I love my hero academia and boruto but if people get all mad about ikemoto oversexualizing a minor, then why don't people get mad about horikoshi doing ...

Aoyoma put his chip on his shoulder to the side and used his quirk to broadcast a beacon - intending to sacrifice for the rest of the class but in the end ...

Edit - It's literally something All Might himself said in the conversation.

... but Shouto does seem to lead on that that is still the case for him.


My Hero Academia: Mizuki Mirai OC Reference Sheet by TheNessY21

My Hero Academia Anime Visual

This scene is in the training camp arc after shouto fails to grab Bakugou in marble form before Dabi.

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) Second Season Key Visual

Not A Bad Person..(inverted AU my hero)

"Shonen Jump" To Offer Look At "My Hero Academia" Season 2 And OVA

Boku no Hero Academia x Male!Reader [XXXIX] by UlyssesWrites on DeviantArt

So we know it couldn't be them as Dabi's scarring could not come off unless someone had a disguise quirk. So that leads us into the last part that if you ...

Quirks VS Mutants – How My Hero Academia Differs From X-Men – What's In A Story?

The Harem Hero

My Hero Academia: The Gamer

Honchoushi Maiko

Broken Dreams: a Boku no Hero Academia fanfic

This page is the last in manga issue 190 and is set after the hardest battle endeavour has been shown to fight and Dabi has no reason to intervene here ...

Kota See the source image

naval laser boy (i am not sure how destructive this beam gets but it leaves the user queasy after use and can only be fired from one spot, i can think of ...

tail boy (his only redeeming feature is his tail which is very, uhh, one-dimensional..)

Rival Flames ➵ A Boku no Hero Academia OC Story

Of Quirks, Dwarves, One For All and Arkenstone [The Hobbit + My Hero Academia]

Manga SpoilersI made a tier list for the kids of class 1A. so ye ...

My Hero Academia

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His Cold & Out of character coldness [Boku no Hero Academia fanfic]

My Hero Academia x Reader

Midoriya x reader the singing hero


Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios (Reader Insert)


My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball, Naruto

Your Hero[Bnha x Male reader]

AA T ¶ ⒞

My Hero Academia: Mei Hatsume x M!Reader. Part 1 by TheNessY21 on DeviantArt

[BNHA] Yaoyorozu Momo X Male!Reader by ElijahReyes on DeviantArt

[BNHA] Itsuka Kendo X Male!Reader by ElijahReyes on DeviantArt

Main Characters:

Tododeku Saving me (A My Hero Academia Fanfic)

'My Hero Academia' is the hit superhero anime you don't want to miss

author's comment on Mineta


Todoroki x Midoriya | My hero academia | cred.clonion | Buko No Hero Academia

Don't take my word as law, I've made quite a few bad quirks in my time but I've also made some good ones so I hope you just judge me on those.

c38f44d4e90d30ef9ebb407700f41934bc4fddde83ec0727186facc37036f06c_1.jpg 1,080×2,887 pixels My Hero Academia Memes, Boku No Hero Academia

My Hero Academia


212 HQ

I already mentioned Todoroki and Inasa, but here's a reminder of them putting their Endeavor Hang-Ups to the side

AA T ¶ ⒞

Shoto Todoroki treats everyone equally, is level headed, and much more mature than Bakugo.

[DISC] My Hero Academia 179 : manga

My Hero Academia // BNHA // Shoto Todoroki / Shoto / Quirk Half-

Academia is the story of a young boy who learns he cannot develop any powers (called Quirks). The premise is very interesting, and I was hoping he would go ...

Hey all, and welcome back to Why It Works! My Hero Academia's sports festival has kicked into high gear at this point, if it ever were in any gear below the ...

My Hero Academia Male Reader Oneshots

As Chibi mentioned in his video, we know very little about Overhaul. Very little. Seeing as this is the case, I'd have to say that Stain is the better ...

My Hero Academia

What I'm trying to say is My Hero is a shonen and there are so many other good shows just like it out there. One Punch Man, however, is pretty unique.

My Hero Academia: Plus Ultra

One Punch Man is more of a comedy than My Hero no doubt about it. And it does comedy incredibly well. However, when the show gets's serious it definitely ...

This is where Toga makes her argument clear - no one can ever truly be "like" just one other person, and if your biggest desire IS to just be "like" one ...

“Kiddo” [My OC] | My Hero Academia Amino

... excellently performed, but it was really Tsuyu-chan who was the star, and once again, not because of her quirk. They won because of her personality.

http://i10.mangapanda.com/boku-no-hero-academia/84/boku-no-hero-academia -7281445.jpg

Quirks evolving has been mentioned before along with the fact that every new generation will have Quirks more powerful than the last, ...

Oh my-I wish this was an actual costume dlc for the main game because I would be all over that shit, oh my-GAAAAH!

-SQ, Do you not see the potentialll?

If they had taken Tokoyami they probably would have killed him, so it's possible Aoyama saved his life this way).

There is something Iida has to do in his own mind to "earn it."

Mei is like one of my favourites already. She's very outgoing ahaha I love her to be fair, she's really cool, and her quirk is nice, even if it's not great ...

For a frog.

I mean the manga has never presented Katsuki to me in the light of an abuser, I see him through Izuku's eyes and see all the ...

It was revealed the world doesn't really know much about Endeavors family and what he did to them so this can explain why they pretend to not know Dabi and ...

So excited for this OC

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

He spent plenty of time with Katsuki when they were kids and they didn't fight.

If you're watching My Hero Academia this season, you know—Katsuki "Kacchon" Bakugo is a jerk. He's mean, spiteful, and arrogant. A bully.

But man, the universe is going to get a while lot stranger. Just wait until Bakugou and co meet through Multiverse hijinks not only Izuku as a white guy ...

Sorry, but it's kinda a giveaway when I mentioned One Punch Man is my favorite anime. Now the issues are Why?

Yup, you read that right. That is one characters full name. That is all the reasoning you need

Hero Killer Stain

With a few exceptions, American superhero comics are not nearly as popular in the east as they are in the west, due to the lack of translations.

definitely a convenient quirk but man it's so gross! Poor Kacchan! Poor Kirishima!

AA T ¶ ⒞

He has no brain-to-mouth filter. Seriously, he barely thinks before speaking and almost always reads the mood wrong, ending up making a fool of himself.

I'm glad Horikoshi decided to add this small scene to the chapter, because I'm pretty sure some people didn't ...

My Hero Academia

(Remake) Bone Keeper (My Hero Academia x Male Reader)

and for all of you out there judging me for being shocked don't because I'm sure you were shocked to. Now to the good stuff the other schools seemed pretty ...

My Hero Academia