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Sarinalanger posted to Instagram Its been a quiet week here as I

Sarinalanger posted to Instagram Its been a quiet week here as I


@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: It's been a quiet week here as I eased myself

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Today, I'd like to talk about one

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Time for another teaser! ^-^ This week's

Happy Friday Booksta-fam! Let's talk about chance meetings. With books that is. You know how it is. You're perusing a bookstore and you co… | Instagram

She makes glorious bath bombs over at @bibbidibobbidibombs too . I wanna live in these worlds! BUT (such a big but) I only wanna ...

Steampunk & Fantasy Author on Instagram: “New Post on the blog - a recap of October shows, books, doings, and future stuffs. Link in profile.

I just found out today is World Goth Day. Thus I give you Mary Shelley. If you dont know much about this amazing woman I recommend you read up.

Lets sing it together like the seven dwarves sing that hi-ho song. Ready? Booooooook maaaaaail!(book mail) Boooook maaaaail!

QOTD: What author do you read more of than any other? AOTD: Robin McKinley by a long shot. My top three from her are Chalice Sunshine and Deerskin three ...

Barely sliding into the #bookmasinsummer prompt for today Into the Woods. I may have mentioned how much I love this book a few (hundred) times.

Happy Tuesday Insta-fam! Im dipping in and out of two challenges this month. #SummerOfFright photo challenge hosted by @mother.horror @gowsy33 and the rest ...

Great magic asks that you trouble the waters. It requires a disruption something new. Ohmigoodness you guys. This book killed me.

-Snuggly pants and snugglier puppies ! -Darkened Light beta from @sarinalangerwriter ! LETS GET THIS READING PARTY STARTED !!! quietly settles into the sofa ...

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Tagged a *long* time ago for #floralfriday by the lovely @juliablakeauthor. Sarina Langer - @sarinalangerwriter Instagram ...

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That moment you realize you have more unicorn than dragon stuff and decide you need to up your dragon game stat! I have a unicorn corkscrew somewhere as ...

Fotos preciosas para imitar #tumblr #girl #poses | TUMBLR/INSTAGRAM/WE <3IT.... | Instagram, Ideas para y Tumblr

Showing off my Camp Half-Blood tee shirt from @atheenabean who I in turn learned of through @captain.valour . Love it! Now if only I do laundry more often ...

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I don't know much about this series except that it's about a library.

Author Sarina Langer - Can you guys keep a secret? I think Sarina might have a couple of clones walking around. She is hands-down the most productive person ...

I need more Auri. #theslowregardofsilentthings #patrickrothfuss

Since I've had a few new followers recently · Sarina Langer - @sarinalangerwriter Instagram ...

The beautiful collectors edition of my favourite book - Six of Crows. I'm

Interview with Sarina Langer

The past couple of weeks have been super busy, I

#writetogether D13 - Do you aspire to be traditionally published or do it all

I'm crabby. No way around it. Or so it seems for now


I can't believe my first week back at work is already almost over.

There's nothing I like better on the

... madonallisa - Allise Verlut - #cat #bookreading #lamusiquedusilence #theslowregardofsilentthings

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: It's been one of those starts to the week ,

Of course! Bear is my Chocolate Labrador who is three years old. He is very big, loveable, and sweet. A beary handsome Bear. He is almost always happy and ...

@sarinalangerwriter 1 week ago; sarinalangerwriter - Sarina Langer - Tagged a while ago (and sounding a bit like a

... favorite Parliament House cover to date - and that is saying something because I love them all!! #Repost @amberrduell with @get_repost ・・・ It's here ...

Happy 2019 ☆ How was your night? I came the closest I'll ever

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Happy Monday, friends! My week is shorter due

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... sarinalangerwriter - Sarina Langer - How was your week, friends? ☺ . This

Hopefully I'll have the scene finished pretty soon!

You can now pre-order DARKENED LIGHT on Amazon and add it on

... you more cat pictures this year :D Happy #caturday , friends and furrmiliars! <3⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #catsofinstagram #catoftheday #catstagram #instacat #cats ...

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Today is the day we kick self-doubt where it hurts because today, 14 wonderful authors have come together to talk about how to go to war ...

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: @juliablakeauthor tagged me to share my top nine reads

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I need to be honest with you.⠀ ⠀ Instagram has been taking over my

N i a

It's been a week since I had to make the decision to put my little buddy Max to sleep after a very brief battle with an incredibly invasive and ...

I somewhat failed at recording my goals this month 🙈 I never got to write them down into my usual neat list, so I had nothing to tick off besides my weekly ...

This book is beautiful so I'll just let this illustration speak for itself : · Sarina Langer - @sarinalangerwriter Instagram ...

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Happy #SocksSunday Bookstagram fam! I'm hitting the tag #BookRecommendationsBasedOnVideoGames from @

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@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Today is my last day at the day job and

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: I'm positively chuffed with my November spread,

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: There's a new review on CookieBreak, friends and bookworms

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: How are you doing this week, friends? Are

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... amandaannexox - Amanda Wall - Honestly one of the best book series I've ever

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Sometimes, simple is best <3 New read started

@fancy.journal 2 weeks ago; fancy.journal - Bullet Journal - Das ist meine Todo Liste für Sachen, die

So it is time for #septemberwrapup I accomplished quite a lot more than I thought I would this past month.

... thelibraryofsin - 📚 - Are you ready for the holiday break? I returned back to

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: My little prequel novella is off to critique partners today

... life.paper.memories - Lyn - A quick page to organize my upcoming work

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@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Day 5 of the #7days7books tag. 7 days

Everything related to my writing has been deleted and/or moved to my new author site, reviews are gone, and the new pages are live. It's been a busy week ...

Wishing a very happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate · Sarina Langer - @sarinalangerwriter Instagram ...

#septlitwrit - self-care Sunday | I'm not sure why,

@sarinalanger posted to Instagram: Happy last day of November, friends <3 Is

Winter is Coming Day Saturday Nov 17th. Meet Fantasy Writer Garrett K. Jones,

Attention, friends and bookworms! I've got a giveaway just around the corner

Tagged by @jamesfahyauthor for #bookandbookmark - two of my favourite things :D I. Sarina Langer - @sarinalangerwriter Instagram ...

Author Faith Rivens - Faith is legit one of the kindest, most encouraging people I've ever met. You may remember my review of her book, Eléonore, ...

swipe to see If you've bought a copy of The Forest ~ a tale

Sarina Langer

I can't believe October starts tomorrow. This year has gone by so quickly. Anyway this is another short post. I've been doing a lot of short posts lately, ...

“'Monstress' is an epic fantasy comics series written by Marjorie Liu and drawn. “'

@virtuousblisswriters 3 days ago; virtuousblisswriters - Virtuous Bliss Writers LLC - 🚨Self Publishing Services Are Now Available🚨 Click

It's been a week since I had to make the decision to put my little buddy Max to sleep after a very brief battle with an incredibly invasive and ...


It's New Year's Eve and it seems everyone is doing a recap of 2018